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Since the 1920s, Shure products have been a popular choice with musicians and engineers around the world for live performance and studio recording. Shure microphones and Shure headphones have become must-haves and Shure has become a byword for reliability and audio quality that you can actually hear.

Over the years Shure has released many microphones, some of which have proved legendary, such as the Shure Classic Series silver Shure 55SH microphone made famous by Elvis (and recently redesigned and re-released as the Shure Super 55 and 55SH2) and the classic Shure SM57 and SM58 dynamic microphones (dating back to 1957 and ’58), which have become staples in many a live set-up and recording studio.

In the 1990s, Shure began developing wireless microphone technology, and these days hundreds of thousands of gigs and events, including prestigious events such as the Oscars and Grammy ceremonies feature Shure PG, Shure SM and Shure BETA cordless microphone systems. Shure has also been quick to embrace the move to digital wireless technology, as seen in the new Shure GLX digital wireless systems.