Founded in 2012, Bournemouth Academy of Modern Music provides full-time further education courses for musicians aged 16+

BAMM is designed to take young musicians to the next stage in their career.

Our campus is part of Absolute Music, one of the largest music-equipment retailers in the U.K. This partnership has been paramount in the creation of our immersive learning environment that we are proud to offer students. With high-end facilities, industry experience opportunities, guest lectures and professional teaching supported by our team of accomplished tutors, we prepare students for a career in the modern music industry with globally recognised qualifications.

Since partnering with LeAF Studio school in 2015, our quality of teaching, student support and safeguarding is at the highest standard possible.
Regular staff training and consistency checks are done on a regular basis to ensure our pupils are getting the best education possible through having their learning requirements met whilst coming into a safe and supportive environment on a daily basis.

BAMM offers extensive courses that are open to applicants from a broad diversity of disciplines such as guitarists, bassists, singers, drummers, songwriters, producers, mix engineers, multi-media composers and DJs.
The course modules are designed to cover subjects across the spectrum, giving each student a foundation in music business, production, song writing, performance, live music technology, engineering, marketing and project planning.

We welcome applicants with drive and determination who are ready to learn and take the next steps to make music their career and full-time job! The courses are fully funded for students 18 and under.
However, if you are over 18, we have a number of options available to support you financially such as payment plans and scholarships. Please contact us to find out more!

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