Porter & Davies BC2RM with Saddle Throne (Rackmount version)

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  • Porter & Davies BC2RM with Saddle Throne (Rackmount version)
  • Porter & Davies BC2RM with Saddle Throne (Rackmount version)
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The Porter & Davis BC2rm is an amplified Tactile Generator Monitor System which turns the bass drum signal (and other signals if required) into 'tactile sound' up through the drum stool.

You feel it and hear it, but no one else does. This works mainly through bone conduction. The result is far more sophisticated than a simple 'thump'. All of the tone and intricacies of the bass drum sound and impact are felt and heard internally.

The BC2rm is a two unit system consisting of an 'Engine' which contains all of the electronics: – Amp, preamp, inputs and outputs, protection circuitry, and volume and tone controls, and the throne top.

The Patented BC2 Throne is an all-in-one unit in which we internally mount the highest quality and most efficient Tactile Transducer available. There is zero compromise on build quality.

The three handmade comfortable Throne top designs are extremely sturdy and elegantly constructed, and are adorned with a silk 'BC2 by Porter & Davies' logo. They will accommodate 7/8” diameter throne bases as used by DW, Gibraltar, Roc N Soc, Yamaha, Tama, Ludwig, Premier, Custom Percussion, and others.

The BC2rm is designed to fit into industry-standard 19” racks.

Main Features

Voltage selector switch for use worldwide (240 or 115 volts).
Hardwired passive XLR mic in and out sockets.
Line XLR socket which accepts both balanced and unbalanced inputs.
Phantom Power selector to accommodate both dynamic and condenser microphones.
NL4 Speakon connection from Engine to Throne.
Three separate power leads provided: USA, UK, and EU.
Saddle Style Throne included
Full control of power and intensity immediately at your side. The system is 100% consistent, night after night, completely irrelevant of acoustics, stage volume, room size, etc.
The BC2rm units are incredibly compact and efficient. They need under 150W to drive them, as opposed to around 1200W required by a well known competitor.
The power range is formidable.
The BC2rm offers unparalleled response speed (0% lag) and sensitivity, so will faithfully replicate all of your playing dynamics: It will respond to long notes (beater off) as well as short notes (beater on), depending on drum dampening, tuning, and playing style.
It will TRANSFORM your playing experience: The drummer and drum kit become “one” – your groove will be stronger than ever.
As well as the bass drum, you can also feed in toms, snare drum, even bass guitar. The sensitivity and response are so accurate that even ghosted double stroke snare rolls are represented.
If you use IEMs, the BC2rm completes the sonic experience by providing the physicality of the bottom end which otherwise cannot be replicated. The mix will clear up and give space to the other sounds which no longer have to compete with the bass drum, and the volume can come down.
This also applies if you don't use IEMs: Monitoring and general stage levels naturally decrease quite drastically, as well as becoming so much cleaner.
The whole system takes well under 2 mins to rig up. Plug in the bass drum mic directly (or line from the monitor desk/board), connect the power lead, connect the throne to the box, switch on. That's it.
Here is another BIG advantage for fully amplified gigs: No bass drum(s) thumping through big monitor subs to pollute the stage sound.
The kit can be miked up more ambiently, and the sound engineer hasn't got to gate or roll off all the heavy bottom from the other mics. The toms can now breathe properly and sound huge… The singers also have less to moan about!
Fantastic with MIDI kits: Real power, and you'll lose that disconnected feeling. The sense of reality has to be experienced to be believed.
Cheaper tour/stage spec: No subs required for the drummer.
For recording, the new sense of weight, nuance and connection is invaluable.


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