Truetone 1-Spot PRO CS12 Power Brick

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  • Truetone 1-Spot PRO CS12 Power Brick
  • Truetone 1-Spot PRO CS12 Power Brick
  • Truetone 1-Spot PRO CS12 Power Brick
  • Truetone 1-Spot PRO CS12 Power Brick
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Main Features

  • 12 fully isolated outputs
  • 5 voltage options provide power for virtually any effect pedal
  • Variable 4-9Vdc, 12 Vdc, 18 Vdc, 9Vdc and 9Vac
  • Designed with cutting-edge technology, not just transformers
  • Includes brackets for mounting under Pedaltrain® pedalboards
  • Cables and converter plugs included
  • Switchable Worldwide Input Voltage

The Truetone 1-Spot PRO CS12 is their first 'brick' style power supply and offers unique features.

1 SPOT Technology
1 SPOT Technology… what does that mean and why should I care? Technically, it's switching power supply technology, which is very different than what anyone has ever put inside a power brick. Normally, you would find just a big transformer and a handful of small electronic components inside a power brick… old tech that hasn't changed in decades and has a lot of limitations. Truetone took the same switching power supply technology found in their famous 1 SPOT and scaled it up to make the 1 SPOT Pro models. With much more space to work with, they were able to completely eliminate noise, provide total electrical isolation between outputs, create multiple voltages, and still give you the ability to use it anywhere in the world.

A major benefit of using a switching power supply is that it can handle far more current (power being pulled out of it) than any transformer-based power supply. Although they had to put power rating labels on each output to satisfy certification agencies, the outputs can generally handle far more than the label shows. For example, you can connect a 300mA pedal to a 200mA output, without causing any problems. With a transformer-based power supply, you can't get away with that. The important thing is to not exceed the total of all the labels.

Multiple Voltages
While most pedals still run off 9VDC, not all of them do. That's one of the main reasons why Truetone finally decided to design the 1 SPOT Pro. With the CS12, you get one output for 18VDC and six at 9VDC, with four of those switchable to 12VDC. Need another 18VDC output? No problem… just get a Multi-Plug 2 cable (MC2) and run both pedals off that one outlet… most boosts and drive pedals don't mind sharing an output anyway. Don't need the 18VDC output at all? No problem… just get Truetone's 18V to 9V Converter cable (V189).
You also get a variable 4-9VDC output, and the 9VAC output.

Worldwide Input Voltage
Just like with the original 1 SPOT, and your laptop power supply and phone charger, the 1 SPOT Pro uses switching power supply technology which allows you to use it anywhere in the world. The CS12 has an input voltage switch on the back, which switches voltage only for the 9VAC output, since that output does use a toroidal transformer.

Rugged Steel Housing
If you're a touring musician, or even if you just play at the local pub regularly, you know how important it is to have roadworthy gear. No worries with the 1 SPOT Pro. The housing is all steel, with cleverly designed vents that should keep out the accidental beer spill, should that ever happen.

Pure Isolation
Since pioneering the first switching power supply for musicians, the original 1 SPOT, Truetone have gained many years of experience in creating very low noise power for pedals. When they started designing the 1 SPOT Pro, their first multiple output switching power supply, they worried a lot about how to eliminate noise completely. Isolation is part of the solution to noise elimination, but not all of it. Each output is galvanically isolated from the other to help give you pure, clean, noise-free operation of your pedals. However, they also provided an additional layer of pure analogue regulation, taking advantage of the greater ability of analogue circuits to provide the highest possible suppression of in-band audio noise.

Pedaltrain Mounting Brackets
The only power brick to include easy-to-install mounting brackets for Pedaltrain pedalboards. Truetone even duplicated the output labels under the unit, so you can easily see which output is which, when working on your board.

Energy Efficient
Prior to the 1 SPOT, musicians either used one linear power supply (a.k.a. wall wart) per pedal, or used batteries. Both solutions for powering pedals were very inefficient with energy, with batteries also contributing greatly to the toxic waste stream.

In 2000, Truetone pioneered the use of switching power supply technology to alleviate this condition in an economically-, energy- and environmentally-conservative way. The 1 SPOT power supply was designed to replace many such external power supplies and/or batteries simultaneously. It provided plenty of power with a very low noise level to successfully meet the needs of musicians.

By offering musicians a solution that was more cost effective and energy efficient, and moving the market away from linear transformer-based power supplies to switching power supplies, Truetone has caused the saving of thousands of watt-hours per musician per year.

Utilising a more comprehensive switching power supply solution, the 1 SPOT Pro sets a new level of efficiency for power bricks, while still meeting the needs of musicians for low noise operation, even in severe conditions where the pedals themselves may generate interfering noise.

Included Power cables and adaptors.

Power cables:

(2) DC26 (5.5x2.1mm barrel plugs: 26 inch (660mm) – Purple
(2) DC22 (5.5x2.1mm barrel plugs: 22 inch (559mm) – Blue
(4) DC18 (5.5x2.1mm barrel plugs: 18 inch (457mm) – White
(3) DC12 (5.5x2.1mm barrel plugs: 12 inch (305mm) – Yellow
(1) AC21 (5.5x2.5mm barrel plugs: 21 inch (533mm) – Red

Converter Plugs:
(1) CL6 – Green
(1) CYR – Red
(2) C35 – Black
(1) CBAT – Black battery clip


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