Korg Electribe 2S Sampler Music Production Station, Red

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  • Korg Electribe 2S Sampler Music Production Station, Red
  • Korg Electribe 2S Sampler Music Production Station, Red
  • Korg Electribe 2S Sampler Music Production Station, Red
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Main Features

  • The electribe sampler featuring KORG's latest technology
  • An evolved step sequencer
  • Intuitive beat making with the Trigger pads and Touch pad
  • A hybrid synth engine with sampling and modelling
  • Even deeper creative potential: Effects and Groove templates
  • A new workflow: interoperation with Ableton Live
  • Metallic Red colour scheme

The Korg electribe sampler is a sample-based production machine that lets you construct beats at maximum speed.

The Korg electribe sampler allows you to freely edit and resample using waveforms that you've loaded and preset samples. Modulation and effects can be controlled easily just by turning knobs on the top panel. In addition, a variety of input interfaces optimised for inputting rhythm, bass, or melody allow you to smoothly create sequences as fast as you can think.

The sequences that you create can then undergo additional evolution on stage or in your laptop. You can enjoy intuitive live performances that link various devices with the electribe sampler, or utilise this capability for full-fledged music production by exporting sequence data to Ableton Live for detailed editing and final mixing.

The latest system version 2 adds a much-requested pattern chain function that will be a great asset for live performances or music production. The lineup has also become more colourful with this new metallic red model.

Import Any Waveform, And Even Resample
The electribe sampler lets you load any sample from an SD card and use it for producing beats. There are 499 user sample memories in which you can store original waveforms that you've created using waveform editing software or sampled sources provided by developers. Of course you can also connect a record player or instrument to the audio in jack and sample from it.

You can edit the loaded waveforms in basic ways such as changing the start/end point or pitch, and even time-slice them. The attack portions of a phrase can be detected and sliced automatically, allowing you to play them back at a desired tempo without significantly changing the sound. Sliced parts can also be assigned to specific steps or parts and triggered individually.

There's also a resampling function that lets you sample a sound that you processed, a phrase that you constructed, or your realtime performance on the electribe sampler. Additional possibilities open up when you use this in conjunction with time slices: you can change the order or rhythmic groove of a phrase, or turn a multiple-part phrase into a single sample, allowing you to add phrases using the newly-free parts to create an even more complex pattern.

High-Quality Preset Samples
The electribe sampler contains numerous production-ready sampled sources that you can use as soon as you power-on the unit. It provides a range of sampled audio sources suitable for any style of music, including 179 Drum/Perc samples such as Kick and Snare sounds that are indispensable for creating beats, 33 loop-type samples as you would expect from a sampler, 31 voice-type samples, 37 sound effect samples, and 123 more instrumental samples containing hits, shots, or phrases of Piano, Organ, Brass, or Guitar. Based on these samples from collaborators famed for their high quality, such as Sample Magic, Loopmasters, Prime Loops, and Raw Cutz, you can create the exact sample sounds that you want.

In addition, the electribe sampler provides 16 analogue modelling oscillators and three filters, which you can use as accents for your sample-based music productions.

Quick Access Modulation Section
The modulation that's so important for sonic creativity is designed to be easy for anyone to control. Modulation sources such as EG and LFO are available paired with a modulation target such as Filter Cutoff and Oscillator Pitch: simply choose from 72 modulation types and then adjust the speed and depth to apply the type of modulation that you want.

Control Your Sequences In Real Time
Sequences that you've created on the electribe sampler will shine even more on stage when you use the various functions provided for this purpose. For example by using, the step jump function that lets you jump instantly to the step you press, you can create dynamic performances as though you were performing the sequence itself.

The electribe sampler also lets you freely use the trigger pads and touch pad to add sounds during your live performance. Thanks to the scale/key settings, you'll never play a wrong note.

The sequences that you create can be played not only on stage, but are also fun to tweak in real time. The dynamic character of such changes makes this one of the electribe sampler's great pleasures.

Real-Time Effects Performance
You can use the touch pad to freely control the master effect just as on the Kaoss Pad. You can use spatial-type effects to add overall resonance, or use 'Looper' to easily create the texture of your sequence, or even use effects such as 'Seq Reverse' or 'Odd Stepper' to aggressively transform the music. This is also enormously effective in a live performance.

Great Connectivity
Since there's a sync jack for easy connection to KORG's groove machines, you can connect the electribe sampler to your electribe, volca series unit, or SQ-1 for playback sessions that are synchronized with your sequencer. MIDI connectors are also provided for inter-operation with your DAW. By adding the electribe sampler's performance to your laptop-based stage setup, you can take advantage of even greater performance possibilities.

In addition to sampling via the audio in jack, you can use it during your performances, for example by applying filter and effects to an external audio input source in real time, or using the step sequencer to turn the output on/off.

In the past, machine-centric live setups required numerous synthesizers, samplers, and sequencers. Today, the electribe sampler can function in a variety of roles, either as the master device at the center of such a setup, or as a slave device that adds sparkle to the performance. Experiment with connecting different instruments to create your very own live setup.

Inter-Operation With Ableton Live
Using your software, you can take the numerous beats that you've come up with and assemble them into a finished product. KORG has partnered with the German company Ableton to provide a new music production workflow that uses both hardware and software.

In addition to the conventional audio export, the electribe sampler has a function for exporting to 'Ableton Live' DAW software. When the dedicated project file that's exported is loaded into Ableton Live, an independent audio file for each part is placed in each track of Live, allowing you to edit each phrase using loop, mute, or chop, and then mix the result. After the music you envision has taken shape as a sequence with the rapidity that's possible only with hardware, you can then use your software to edit the material in detail. This is the new workflow with the electribe sampler.

Since the electribe sampler comes with a license card that lets you download 'Ableton Live Lite' at no charge, you can experience this new workflow right away.


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