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Studio Mixing Desks

Here at Absolute Music, we stock many of the top brands of consoles and studio mixing desks such as Allen & Heath, Presonus, Roland, Mackie and Soundcraft, to name a few. We also sell mixing desks of various sizes because not every studio or recording situation is the same. Some of these desks have built in effects (such as reverb, delay and chorus etc), whereas others will rely on outboard effects or plugins (if you are using a computer-based setup).

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As well as studio mixers, we also stock everything you could need to get up and running with recording such as microphones, preamps, acoustic treatment, headphones, studio monitors and more. Come and visit us in Poole, Dorset (on the south coast of the UK) or get in touch if you have any questions about mixing desks, or recording equipment in general.

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