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If you own a Korg Monotron/Monotribe compact analogue synth or are thinking about bagging one (or more) before the end of the year, then Korg want to hear what you can do with it/them! To be more specific, Korg want you to use your Monotron(s) and/or Monotribe to make some unique sound effects and/or background music. The best entries will be used to create the soundtrack and FX for a computer game 'mash-up video', due for release early next year.

Entries must be submitted no later than 31st December 2013 and the most exciting part is that the person who makes the best mini-sound library (as judged by Korg) will receive a special 50th anniversary MicroKorg Gold*!

Korg microKorg Gold

* Please note that the MicroKorg Gold isn't made of actual gold!


Simply create and record your best sounds and then CLICK HERE to open Korg's online entry form. Fill in your details and submit your sounds to Korg. Good luck!

Please note that this competition is only open to UK entrants and all audio must originate from a Monotron, Monotribe or human voice processed through one of these units. The maximum number of different sounds submitted by each entrant is 10 and all clips should be named appropriately. Individual audio clips should last no longer than 5 seconds for FX and 30 seconds for soundtracks.

CLICK HERE for full terms and conditions.

Winners will be announced after 15th January 2014.


Both the Monotron and Monotribe are compact, affordable, true analogue synths with ribbon keyboards and a selection of hands-on controls for sculpting your sound. They also feature audio inputs for routing external sounds through their pure analogue filter!

The Monotron range (all currently available for less than £35) is made up of the original Monotron, the Monotron Delay (with built-in analogue tape echo) and the Monotron Duo (with a second analogue oscillator).

The Monotribe is essentially a Monotron with more features and hands-on controls. It adds 3-part analogue drums and a step sequencer, giving an extra dimension to the instrument.

All Monotrons and the Monotribe have an awesome true analogue sound and are extremely hands-on and fun to play with.

For more information on any Korg Monotron or the Monotribe, please click the links below, give us a call on 01202 597180 or e-mail [email protected].

Korg Monotron - More Info/Buy

Korg Monotron Delay - More Info/Buy

Korg Monotron Duo - More Info/Buy

Korg Monotribe - More Info/Buy

Korg microKORG - More Info/Buy

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