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Posted on February 24, 2012 by Joe Stachowiak There have been 0 comments

iPad 2'sIf you paid any attention whatsoever to the recent NAMM 2012 industry show, you are likely to have noticed a recurring theme based around one product in particular… the iPad.

Now, this is hardly a surprising move, considering that nowadays every man, woman, child, cat, dog and weasel seem to own an iOS device, but do they actually have a place in the music industry or is this just a temporarily gimmicky phase that manufacturers are cashing in on?

Well, after seeing the latest NAMM offerings and testing out a number of music apps, I have to admit that iOS devices have a lot to offer this industry. From apps that recreate the sounds of classic synths for a tiny fraction of the cost, to products that harness the touch-screen and wireless features of the iPad, the potentials of this way of working are undeniable and one of the most exciting aspects of it all is that this way of working is still in its infancy. As enthusiastic TV physicist Brian Cox’s band, D:Ream shouted in the 90’s, 'things can only get better'…

For this reason, I have decided to bring you a round-up of my favourite music products and apps (as of February 2012). As the range of products and apps span such a variety of applications, I have decided to split them up into relevant categories: ‘DJ’, ‘Guitar’, ‘Synth’,  'Production & Recording', 'Live Sound', 'Drums' and 'Miscellaneous'. Each section will give you a brief summary of the featured products and apps, and links will be available for anyone who wants to find out more information on, or purchase an item.

The links for each section are provided below.

Read on and become enlightened…

iOS DJClick here!

iOS Guitars: Click here!

iOS SynthClick here!

iOS Production & RecordingClick here!

iOS Live SoundClick here!

iOS DrumsClick here!

iOS Miscellaneous:  Click here!

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