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Fender Custom Shop Guitars

Posted on June 19, 2019 by Dan The Man There have been 0 comments

Fender's Custom Shop represents the best of the best. For a more exclusive price point than most of Fender's catalogue, you get access to instruments that offer expert craftsmanship, unparalleled tone, and the opportunity to own a piece of real history. Each instrument that comes out of Fender's Custom Shop facility has passed through the hands of master craftsmen, who bring wood and metal to life with enormous amounts of time, care, and attention.

Absolute Music are now proud to offer a selection of Custom Shop Limited Edition instruments that have come to us, straight from source. The instruments now furnishing our showroom have all been through the Custom Shop Relicing process, from the patina wear on our Limited Edition 1956 Stratocaster in Sonic Blue, to the battle-scarred surface of our Super Heavy Relic 1962 Stratocaster.



The process of making a Reliced guitar is extensive, detailed, and has been perfected through years of hard work and research: Custom Shop experts have pored over vintage instruments to study the patterns of wear, metal oxidisation, and the effects of years spent in players' hands, from the stage to the tour bus and back again. A large part of what results in a Custom Shop price is the countless hours necessary to make a guitar look like it's had a life well-lived before it even leaves the factory.

This Limited Edition Precision Bass from the Fender Custom Shop has been given the authentic aging treatment to look like a hard-worn veteran of stage and studio. All that late-'60s mojo replicated in a bass that's still fresh from the factory, with a worn-down Olympic White lacquer finish, vintage-voiced pickups, and all the period-correct chrome appointments: hard-earned wear without the high mileage.

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