Yamaha PSREW400 Portable 76 Note Keyboard

Yamaha PSREW400 Portable 76 Note Keyboard

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The Yamaha PSR-EW400 is the top of the range keyboard in PSR-E Series for both piano focused players and live performers.

  • Yamaha PSREW400 Portable 76 Note Keyboard

    The Yamaha PSR-EW400 is the top of the range keyboard in PSR-E Series for both piano focused players and live performers.

    Main Features

    • 758 high quality voices featuring the new Live! Grand Piano voice
    • 12W + 12W amplifiers with 12 cm bass reflex speakers
    • 76 keys and 48-note polyphony
    • Individual L/R output
    • Assignable real-time controllers, DSP effects, and pitch bend
    • Connectivity with audio and MIDI capabilities
    • USB to Device terminal
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    The Yamaha PSR-EW400 features a 76-key touch response keyboard, various easy-to-use professional features and new Live! Grand Piano voice making this a great instrument for practice, performance and composing. 12W + 12W amplifiers drive the on-board sound system and L/R outputs provide professional connectivity to PA systems or recording hardware.

    758 High Quality Voices
    The PSR-EW400 features 758 high quality voices including the new Live! Grand Piano voice which makes piano performances sound inspired and expressive. 8 Sweet! voices and 3 Cool! voices use Yamaha's advanced sampling technologies to capture the realism and specific characteristics of each sound.

    12W + 12W Amplifiers
    12W + 12W amplifiers power the high-definition 12 cm bass reflex speakers delivering powerful, crystal clear sound and offering solid support in standalone performance situations.

    76 Keys And 48-Note Polyphony
    76 keys and 48-note polyphony allow you to perform with greater expression and flexibility. You can play complex musical passages without dropping notes!

    Individual L/R Output
    Professional audio outputs make connecting to a PA system or studio hardware convenient and quick.

    Assignable Real-Time Controllers
    Two assignable, real-time controllers let you filter and adjust your sound just like an analogue synthesizer. 10 brand new DSP effects can be assigned and controlled in real time for dynamic and expressive live performance. The pitch bend wheel adjusts the pitch of the sound bringing voices like the Guitar, Sax and Trumpet to life.

    Audio/MIDI Connectivity
    The PSR-EW400 features audio transfer through the USB TO HOST terminal. You can record your performance to your computer or smart device. Connecting to your iOS device adds a new dimension of MIDI control with apps. Connect an external audio player to the AUX IN jack and you can play along with your favourite tunes. The built-in, advanced Melody Suppressor lowers the volume of vocals and melody lines of the original recordings, leaving that part open for you to play.

    USB to Device Terminal
    The USB to Device terminal on the instrument lets you load and save your settings and songs to a USB flash drive and transfer data from your PC.

    Pattern Function
    The Pattern function puts a wealth of powerful loops and beats at your fingertips, allowing you to instantly create dynamically varied music on the fly. And, for even more authentic performance, try the Crossfade and Retrigger functions.

    Arpeggio Function
    Tap into instant inspiration with the Arpeggio function, which has been improved for smoother playability. Hold Mode and Allocated key-range free your hands, allowing you to improvise over the pattern. The 150 Arpeggio patterns adjust and morph around the notes and chords you play on the keyboard allowing for almost limitless creativity.

    Worldwide Sounds
    A rich collection of ethnic sounds and scale tunings allow you to enjoy many styles of music from around the world, including Latin, Indian, Arabic, African, Chinese and more.

    Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.)
    Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) is an advanced set of helpful learning tools built into the instrument, letting you teach yourself how to play and perform regardless of your ability. Choose from nine step-by-step lessons for left, right, or both hands. Y.E.S. helps you master a song with ease.

    Music Database
    Get off to a flying start—choose a song and the Music Database automatically selects the best accompaniment and voices for you to start playing immediately.

    Dimensions (W x H x D): 1178 x 138 x 412mm / 46-3/8 x 5-7/16 x 16-1/4 inches
    Weight: 8.4 kg / 18 lbs 8 oz. not including batteries

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    Condition New
    Documentation http://download.yamaha.com/api/asset/file/?language=en&site=uk.yamaha.com&asset_id=67277
    On demo in store No
    Brand Yamaha
    Keyboard Type Home keyboard
    Number of keys 76
    Keyboard Action Semi-Weighted