Yamaha MW12C 12 Channel Mixer with Compression & USB  (ex-display)

Yamaha MW12C 12 Channel Mixer with Compression & USB (ex-display)

Product code: bstyammw12c

The Yamaha MW12C turns your computer into a recording studio, offering a full featured mixer with a USB connection and Cubase AI software.

  • Yamaha MW12C 12 Channel Mixer with Compression and USB (ex-display)

    The Yamaha MW12C turns your computer into a recording studio, offering a full featured mixer with a USB connection and Cubase AI software.

    Main Features

    • Full featured 12 channel mixing desk
    • USB connection to your Mac or PC
    • One knob compression on channels 1-4
    • Cubase AI included

    If you have a computer -laptop or desktop, Windows™ or Macintosh™ -and you want to make music with it, we've got the setup for you. The MW12C USB Mixing Studio mixer gives you everything you need to turn your computer system into a complete, full- featured, high-performance home recording studio. The MW12C uses a single cable USB connection to interface with your computer for bi-directional audio data transfer. It gives you comprehensive signal input and mixing features in a compact size. It also includes the powerful Cubase AI music production software, allowing you to capture your performances, embellish and enhance them with plug-in synths and effects, and mix them down to stereo. In other words, the MW12C gives you all the elements of a recording system that is remarkably easy to set up and operate.

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    Flexible 12-Channel Configuration
    The MW12C gives you a total of twelve inputs, including four mono microphone/line inputs and four stereo line inputs. Two of the stereo line inputs can also function as mono microphone inputs, providing up to six simultaneous microphone inputs if you need them. The high-performance ultra-low-noise balanced microphone inputs also have a phantom power switch, allowing you to take advantage of the superior sonic quality of professional-level condenser microphones.
    Assignable Rec Out
    In addition to the normal stereo buss, the MW12C has assignable busses (REC OUT). This feature gives you added flexibility in routing the signals for recording and monitoring. Turning on the ON switch for any channel immediately routes that channel to the USB terminal and enables it for recording. Multiple channels selected in this way are, of course, recorded to a stereo mix on the computer. In this condition, each channel is also mixed to the stereo buss and can be monitored (with the Monitor Mix function).
    Easy-To-Use 1-Knob Compression
    Compression-the taming of wildly varying levels in vocals, bass and guitar-is one of the most important effects used in recording and mixing. It is also one of the most subtle and difficult to use. Not with the MW12C, however. The innovative 1-knob analogue compressor (on the mono input channels) lets you dial in just the amount of compression you need in recording, without having to set multiple parameters like threshold, ratio and makeup gain. One knob does it all for you instantly giving you great, punchy sound.
    Monitor Mix
    This convenient feature gives you simple control over the balance between the signals being recorded and the playback signals being monitored. This is particularly helpful when recording several sources at the same time, letting you use a single knob to adjust the balance of the playback and recording signals for monitoring purposes. Naturally, this doesn't affect the recording level, it simply allows you to control what you want to hear.
    Easy-Access Panel And High-Quality Parts
    Top-mounted input and output connectors make setting up and re-patching your system quick and easy. The MW12C features high-quality Neutrik™ balanced XLR connectors for the microphone inputs. Long-throw, smooth-action faders give you precise and tactile control over signal levels. The mixer also has a large, bright 12-segment LED meter for visual signal indication.
    Channel On Switches
    Dedicated On switches for each channel let you enable or disable (mute) individual input channels as desired, while the lamps on the switches give you instant visual indication about which channels are on.

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