Yamaha EMX312SC 12 Channel Powered Mixer with Compression & FX (as new)

Yamaha EMX312SC 12 Channel Powered Mixer with Compression & FX (as new)

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The Yamaha EMX312SC offers great Yamaha build quality and sound with a host of indispensable features for live work.

  • Yamaha EMX312SC 12 Channel Powered Mixer with Compression and FX (as new)

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    The Yamaha EMX312SC offers great Yamaha build quality and sound with a host of indispensable features for live work.

    Main Features

    • Integrated portable mixer with 12 inputs
    • Built-in 1-knob compressor on all mono channels
    • Great Yamaha sound quality
    • Built-in pro-quality SPX effects
    • Onboard graphic EQ
    • Delivers 190W per channel at 8 ohms
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    Experienced musicians, performers, speakers, and club operators know the importance of a high-quality sound system with the right features and performance to deliver their sound. Where portability and convenience are important criteria, a system based on a high-performance Yamaha EMX312SC Powered Mixer is definitely the way to go. In one integrated, portable unit you have a mixer to combine and balance your microphone, instrument and line sources, effects to refine and polish your sound and power to drive the main speakers and even monitor speakers as well. But that's nowhere near the whole story – the Yamaha EMX312SC Powered Mixer offers a range of features that let you mix, process and deliver your sound with maximum quality and creative control … and, of course, that unmatched Yamaha sound.
    Great Yamaha Sound
    Yamaha is a leader in the field of professional live sound for a very good reason: they deliver the sound and performance that the pros demand. The EMX312SC powered mixer is no exception. It's built to the same standards of sonic performance and rugged reliability that make Yamaha the first choice for live sound applications from schools to stadiums around the globe.
    One-knob Compression on Mono Channels
    All four monaural mic/line channels on the EMX312SC feature built-in compressors that can help to bring vocals to the front of the mix, give your guitars extra smoothness and presence, deliver more authoritative bass sound and generally refine your mixes in a multitude of ways. These one-knob compressors are simple to use, too. There's no need to juggle multiple attack, threshold, makeup gain, and other controls – just set the COMP control for the amount of compression you need.
    Feedback Channel Location
    FCL (Feedback Channel Locator) indicator LEDs at the top of each channel light if the corresponding channel goes into feedback, so you won't have to fumble around searching for the channel that needs adjustment.
    SPX Digital Effects
    The EMX312SC features a selection of 16 top-quality Yamaha SPX effects – including reverb, echo, chorus, flanger, phaser and even distortion – that can add the final touch to your live presentation. Yamaha SPX digital effects are widely recognised as being some of the finest available and the effects provided in the EMX312SC live up to that reputation.
    Built-in Graphic EQ
    Graphic equalisers are provided for both the main and monitor channels, so you can effectively control feedback or tailor the sound the match the room and program material.
    Stand-by Mode
    When you're done with a set simply engage the stand-by mode to mute all mono channels while leaving the 2-track inputs active for background music playback while you're taking your break.
    12 Inputs
    The EMX312SC offers a total of 12 input channels. Four for monaural microphone or line input, plus four pairs that can function either as monaural microphone inputs or stereo line inputs, providing you with a versatile mix of input capabilities for a wide range of applications. If you need only microphone inputs you can use up to eight mic channels. Or if, for example, you want to play recorded background music during breaks (that's one stereo channel), and you have a keyboard player with a stereo output keyboard (that's one more stereo channel), you still have six mic/line inputs. If you use all four stereo pairs to handle stereo line sources you have four channels available for mono mic or line input. This is a very versatile system that can adapt to your needs.
    High Power For Main and Monitor Speakers
    This powered mixer certainly doesn't skimp on power. The EMX312SC also features a power mode switch that lets you use the two power channels as a stereo amplifier, or you can use one of the channels for the main speaker(s) and the other to drive monitors with a separate monitor mix set up via the channel MONITOR controls.
    Durable, Lightweight Design
    The EMX312SC powered mixer offers the ideal combination of outstanding sound performance and easy handling. It's lightweight and features conveniently located handles for maximum carrying comfort. It's also built tough enough to withstand the rigours of use on the road.
    Dimensions and Weight
    • (W x H x D): 442.5 x 284 x 264 mm
    • 8 Kgs

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