Yamaha CP1 Stage Piano (Ex-Display)

Yamaha CP1 Stage Piano (Ex-Display)

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The Yamaha CP1 is a premium instrument featuring completely re-designed core technologies with a commitment to both tradition and innovation.

  • Yamaha CP1 Stage Piano (Ex-Display)

    The Yamaha CP1 is a premium instrument featuring completely re-designed core technologies with a commitment to both tradition and innovation.

    Main Features

    • New SCM Tone Generation system for incredibly faithful piano sound
    • Newly developed NW-STAGE 88 note wooden keyboard
    • Master keyboard functionality

    A unique new Spectral Component Modeling tone generation system recreates the sound of acoustic and vintage electronic pianos more faithfully than anything else has ever done. This new technology responds to the player's touch allowing more creative expression than ever before possible. Yamaha even developed a special NW-STAGE wooden key action specifically to meet the demands of top pros. Simply put, this combination of touch and tone make the CP1 the most expressive stage piano that has ever been created.

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    New SCM Tone Generating System
    A unique new SCM (Spectral Component Modeling) tone generation system faithfully recreates the 17 selected sounds of acoustic and vintage electronic pianos and responds to the player's touch to provide more creative expression than ever before possible.
    The Spectral Component Modeling system starts with a fundamentally different tone generation system than Yamaha has ever used before. By combining Sampling and Modeling technology, it optimises tone generation for each instrument so that every nuance of the player's touch is translated into expressive tone.
    Newly Developed NW-STAGE Wooden Keyboard
    Using technology and experience from 100 of building Yamaha Acoustic Pianos, the new 88-key NW-STAGE wooden keyboard offers the perfect playability for stage performance . It minimises keyboard vibration, and the synthetic ivory keytops feel great when you're playing. This keyboard technology effortlessly reproduces the true feeling of acoustic and electric pianos.
    Customising Totally Original Piano Sounds
    Allowing you to freely build your own acoustic and electric pianos by selecting different components of piano types, amplifiers, and effects, the Spectral Component Modeling technology makes easy work of recreating standard vintage sounds or realising unique, original sonic palettes. With your instruments assembled, you can then adjust various parameters of the physical components such as Hammer Stiffness or Striking Position to create an even more diverse range of exciting piano sounds.
    Convenient Master-Keyboard Function
    Using the CP1's master-keyboard function, which has been specially crafted for use on-stage, up to four virtual zones can be setup on the keyboard and assigned to four different tone generators, including other MIDI instruments.
    Designed For The Artist
    Each individual part of the CP1 was specifically designed to reflect Yamaha's commitment to making a timeless instrument with lasting value. The classic wooden side panels and the vintage textured top call up memories of legendary keyboards of the past. The brilliant vacuum florescent display, brushed aluminium volume knob and illuminated Yamaha logo reflect the state-of-the-art, cutting edge technology under the hood. The knobs, switches and intuitive user interface are all laid out for optimum ease of use in performance. All these design elements come together to make a stunning visual statement on stage.
    Dimensions and Weight
    W x H x D: 1385 x 173 x 420 mm
    Weight: 27.2 Kgs

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  • Additional Information

    Condition Ex-display
    On demo in store No
    Brand Yamaha
    Keyboard Type Stage Piano
    Number of keys 88
    Keyboard Action Hammer Action