Yamaha Clavinova CLP525R Digital Piano, Dark Rosewood

Yamaha Clavinova CLP525R Digital Piano, Dark Rosewood (Ex-Display)

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The Yamaha CLP525R Digital Piano in a dark rosewood finish offers a beautiful piano sound with a graded hammer action keyboard.

  • Yamaha Clavinova CLP525R Digital Piano, Dark Rosewood (Ex-Display)

    The Yamaha CLP525R Digital Piano in a dark rosewood finish offers a beautiful piano sound with a graded hammer action keyboard.

    Main Features

    • Piano voicing sampled from a Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand
    • 10 voices, 256-note polyphony
    • Graded Hammer 3 (GH3) keyboard with Synthetic Ivory keytops
    • 2-track recorder
    • Acoustic Optimiser
    • Intelligent Acoustic Control
    • Dark rosewood finish
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    The CLP525 is the introductory piano in the CLP500 series and features 'Real Grand Expression', a phrase that defines the expressive capability of Clavinova. It is the key components of the sound, the touch and the pedals, together with the application of technology developed through a history of acoustic piano manufacturing. With Real Grand Expression, these elements are combined perfectly into a single instrument, creating the exact sound you want through the touch of the keys and the feel of the pedals. When you play a Clavinova, you can imagine that you are playing a grand piano.
    The outstanding piano sound from the CLP 525 actually originates from a genuine grand piano. Grand piano voices are created by recording the sounds of a Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand piano. A single piano was selected and then tuned to the finest possible standard by a master piano technician. The sounds were then recorded in meticulous detail, resulting in a superbly harmonious piano tone. Powerful 256-note polyphony ensures that more complex passages of music can be played without notes cutting off.
    A pianist changes the volume and dynamics of the sound by varying the pressure applied to the keys. A Clavinova responds perfectly to give the player an outstanding level of performance control. By using long, carefully-sampled recordings of notes on a piano and unique Yamaha technologies to achieve smooth tonal transitions, rich sonic detail is delivered in response to the touch of the player. Featuring Yamaha's Smooth Release technology, Clavinova recreates the crisp tone heard when playing staccato as well as the lingering sound produced by releasing the keys slowly.
    Using knowledge gained from many years of piano manufacturing, the Yamaha CLP525 has an incredible Graded Hammer 3 (GH3) keyboard with a feel that recreates the sensation of playing an acoustic instrument. By using a similar hammer mechanism (with no springs) as that found in a grand piano, the GH3 keyboard action reproduces the touch of an acoustic instrument, from the heavier feel in the lower register to the lighter touch in the upper octaves. It also features a three-sensor configuration which accurately senses and interprets the behaviour of the keyboard to create a response and feel very much like that of a grand piano.
    The keyboard fulfils the vital role of transforming the emotion from your fingertips into sound and therefore, it must respond in a stable and consistent manner. That is why Yamaha has fitted keyboard stabilisers to all 88 keys, giving the player a natural feel and improving the stability and durability of the keyboard. The keys on a Clavinova are constructed so that the fulcrum is as far from the key tip as possible. This improves playability and comfort, especially when pressing at the back of the key. This construction provides good key travel, even when performing pieces played mainly on the black keys and the backs of the white keys, allowing nuanced variations in touch and broadening your expressive range. Synthetic Ivory key tops reproduce the tactile surface of the Ivory keyboards once used in acoustic pianos. It features highly absorbent material that prevents fingers from slipping even after hours of performing, while retaining the ideal texture and feel.
    The sound of the CLP525 is calibrated in fine detail, with speaker positioning and body materials checked to ensure that the entire instrument resonates optimally. To create a sound field that is very close to that of a grand piano, the Clavinova features tone escapements in several locations throughout the body that allow the sound from the speakers to be projected to the listener without being trapped inside the instrument. The body of the CLP525 contains Acoustic Optimisers that regulate the flow of sound and control tone. A new technology developed from Yamaha's intimate knowledge of the acoustic properties of musical instruments, Acoustic Optimisers deliver a natural, smooth sound across the entire keyboard.
    The multi-track recording function featured in Clavinova digital pianos allows you to record your performances with a single touch, which is useful when you want to review or archive your playing. You can record up to 2 tracks for simultaneous playback, so that each hand can be recorded separately or parts recorded using different sounds.
    In addition to pianos, the Clavinova CLP Series boasts an impressive library of additional voices including electric pianos, strings and organs. Enjoy the freedom to choose the ideal voice for the genre of music you want to play.
    The ability to adjust performance volume is extremely useful in environments where players may not always be able to play at high volume levels. However, at low volumes, bass and treble may become difficult to hear. To counter this, the CLP525 is equipped with Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC), which adjusts the sound automatically, allowing players to enjoy balanced sound at any volume level.

    Number of Keys:88
    Keyboard Type: GH3 (Graded Hammer 3) keyboard with synthetic ivory keytops
    Touch Sensitivity: Hard, Medium, Soft, Fixed
    Number of Pedals: 3
    Half Pedal: Yes
    Pedal Functions: Damper with half pedal effect, Sostenuto, Soft
    Key Cover Style: Sliding
    Music Rest: Yes
    Piano Sound: Yamaha CFIIIS Concert Grand piano
    Smooth Release: Yes
    Damper Resonance: Yes
    Number of Polyphony (Max.): 256
    Number of Voices: 10
    Effect Types: 4 Reverb
    Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC): Yes
    Dual/Layers Function: Yes
    Number of Preset Songs: 10 (Voice Demo), 50 (Piano)
    Number of Recordable Songs: 1
    Number of Recordable Tracks: 2
    Metronome Tempo Range: 5 280
    Transpose Function: Yes
    Other Functions: Tuning, Scale Type, etc.
    Internal Storage Memory: approx. 900KB
    Headphone sockets: 2
    USB TO HOST: Yes
    Amplifiers: 20W x 2
    Speakers: (12 x 6cm) x 2 / (4 3/4 x 2 3/8 inch) x 2
    Acoustic Optimiser: Yes
    Power Consumption: 13W (when using the PA-300C)
    Dimensions (HxWxD): 845 x 1350 x 414mm (33 1/4 x 53 1/8 x 16 5/16 inches)
    Weight: 43.0kg (94lbs. 13oz)

    Please note that the standard delivery service for this piano is to your door only. The drivers are unable to carry the item into your property or help with any assembly. If you need your instrument delivered to anything other than the ground floor of a building, please contact us to discuss delivery options. We also offer an installation and delivery service at extra cost, please contact our sales team for more information.

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    Condition Ex-display
    On demo in store No
    Brand Yamaha
    Keyboard Type Digital Piano
    Number of keys 88
    Keyboard Action Hammer Action