Warwick Corvette $$ Double Buck Nirvana Black 4 String Bass Guitar (Left Handed) (pre-owned)

  • Warwick Corvette $$ Double Buck Nirvana Black 4 String Bass Guitar (Left Handed) (pre-owned)

    Model - Corvette $$ 4 Left Handed
    Colour - Nirvana Black
    Weight - 8lb 13oz
    Serial - F-125971-06
    Year - 2006 Germany
    Case - OMGB
    Condition - 85%+ Excellent - some amount of play marks, none through finish - nut end nibs missing, but all 100% working

    Warwick Corvette Double Buck Bass in Nirvana Black
    Corvette $$™
    If the entire line of Warwick basses is like a family at a party, then the Corvette $$ is the newest in-law who ate all the food, drank all the booze and is now in the coat closet with not one, but two of the wait staff! You know the type - a complete and utter beast who only listens to the one person in the family who can control it. Yeah...the Double $$ is that wild. Even though it cosmetically resembles other Corvette models, the Double $$ gets its outrageous attitude and powerful identity from its unique pickup and electronics package. There are two passive MEC humbuckers nestled closely in the center of the body, completely covering the legendary sweet-spot that so many basses miss completely. But this beast has a sensitive side too, which can be accessed via the two mini 3-way switches that allow you to coil tap each humbucker in a variety if ways (hum canceling parallel/series, single coil). To give the Double $$ more flexibility, the passive pickups are matched to a MEC 2-band preamp, making this behemoth a true passive/active hybrid bass ' the best of both worlds. If you look beyond the wild electronics you will see that the Double $$ features some of Warwick»s most valued components. A select swamp ash body for warmth and snap, an ovangkol neck for strength and growl, bell brass frets for resonance and longevity ' all these elements blend beautifully to create the perfect performance palate for you and your passion.

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    • Bolt-on
    • 4-string
    • US Swamp Ash body
    • Ovangkol neck
    • Wenge fingerboard
    • Scale length: 34 inch (long scale)
    • 24 frets
    • Passive MEC MM-Style humbuckers with open pole pieces and coil-switching for each pickup: serial, parallel and as single coil
    • Active MEC 2-way electronics
    • Finish: Coloured Oil Finish
    • Warwick tuners
    • 2-piece Warwick bridge
    • Warwick security locks
    • Black hardware
    • Just-A-Nut III
    • Weight**: 3,9 kg (4-string)
    • Warwick Black Label strings: 4-string: 045 inch - 105 inch (40200M)
    • Including Warwick 'User Kit'
    • Including 'Premium Line Plus' RockBag® for electric bass

    All our pre-owned guitars and basses are sold freshly set-up & fully serviced in our state-of-the-art guitar workshop. The pre-sale service includes a 21 point check, including:
    • brand new strings
    • action
    • electronic components
    • neck angle and truss rod adjustment
    • hardware
    • fretwork
    • clean and condition inc fretboard
    • saddle/bridge height, radius, intonation
    • nut
    The Absolute multi point pre sales service & setup is free with every pre-owned guitar. Also included is a 12 month warranty*. We provide a 7 day no-quibble money back guarantee on all our used instruments, so you can buy with confidence.
    More images are available on request. For more information*, call the guitar department on 01202 597180 or email at [email protected]

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    Brand Warwick
    Condition Pre-owned