Vox NT15H-G2 Night Train 15W Valve Guitar Amp Head   (Ex-Display)

Vox NT15H-G2 Night Train 15W Valve Guitar Amp Head (Ex-Display)

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The Vox NT15H-G2 is the second generation version of this versatile and good looking head.

  • Vox NT15H-G2 Night Train 15W Valve Guitar Amp Head (Ex-Display)

    The Vox NT15H-G2 is the second generation version of this versatile and good looking head.

    Main Features

    • Robust all tube sound with class AB design; the pre-amp is driven by three 12AX7 tubes, while the power amp contains two EL84 tubes
    • Two-channel BRIGHT/GIRTH design that covers the spectrum from VOX's traditional clean/crunch sound all the way to a modern high-gain sound
    • The THICK switch provides an additional gain boost on the BRIGHT CH
    • Excellent expandability, with send/return jacks for convenient connection of an external effect unit
    • High-quality reverb
    • Black metallic mirror finish and is equipped with a suitcase-type handle redolent of vintage taste
    • Serial Number: L12-000903
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    With its metallic mirror-finish exterior, the Night Train series provides an easy way to enjoy VOX's traditional full-tube sound even in small private spaces, and now it's been powered-up in a big way. The overall sound has also been enhanced, featuring full robust tube sound in a class AB design with three 12AX7 tubes in the pre-amp stage and power amps boasting two EL84 tubes.
    The two-channel design delivers not only the traditional VOX clean and crunch sounds, but also modern high-gain sounds as well. Vox have also added dedicated cabinets that are a perfect match for the amp heads, making the Night Train G2 a diverse lineup that conveniently covers all your needs for full-tube amps, from compact amp heads and combo amps to large amp heads for studio-class stages. In any music scene, you'll be able to experience serious full-tube sound any time and in any place.
    VOX's traditional tube sound is alive and well on the Night Train G2. The class AB design delivers awesome power, with a preamp containing three 12AX7 tubes and a power amp containing two EL84 tubes.
    The NT15H-G2 offers two channels with a differing tonal character: GIRTH and BRIGHT. The GIRTH channel has a powerful modern high-gain sound that's unparalleled even among VOX amps. It's also ideal for the guitarist who seeks an even heavier sound. The BRIGHT channel provides VOX's distinctive clean/crunch sounds and also features a THICK mode that bypasses the tone control circuit and boosts the gain to obtain a thicker tone, achieving a rich variety of tonal character. An optional VFS2A foot switch can be used to switch between the two channels with your foot, for convenience during your live performances.
    For the guitarist who seeks more originality, the Night Train G2 provides send/return jacks that are a convenient way to connect an external effect unit to your amp. You can easily connect your favourite effect units without impairing the potential of the Night Train G2, dramatically expanding your sound-shaping possibilities. A high-quality reverb has been added to all models, letting you obtain a broad variety of sounds without needing to involve any other equipment.
    Like previous Night Train models, the NT15H-G2 amp head carries on the cool-looking modern design with VOX's trademark diamond grille and vacuum tube circuitry that's visible through the punched metal. The distinctive mirror finish has been changed to metallic black for an even more distinctive appearance on stage. The NT15H-G2 uses suitcase-type handles that are brimming with vintage appeal, providing these units with a truly distinctive look.

    Output Power: 15 Watts RMS into 8 or 16 ohms
    Tube Complement: Preamp: 12AX7 (x3) Power amp: EL84 (x2)
    Inputs/Outputs: Guitar input, FX Loop (Send/Return), Foot switch, 1 x Speaker output (16 ohms), 1 x Speaker output (8 ohms) / 2 x Speaker output (16 ohms)
    Controls: Master Volume, BRIGHT/GIRTH channel switch, Reverb, Dark switch, GIRTH channel – 'Gain, Volume', BRIGHT channel - 'Gain', THICK switch, TONE – 'Bass, Middle, Treble' (In common for the both 'GIRTH & BRIGHT' channel)
    Dimensions (W x D x H): 370 x 155 x 180 mm / 14.57 x 6.10 x 7.09 inches
    Weight: 7.3 kg / 16.09 lbs

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  • Additional Information

    On demo in store No
    Brand Vox
    Condition Ex-display
    Amp Use Guitar
    Amp Type Head
    Power 11-50W