Universal Audio Apollo 8 Duo and Pro Tools Perpetual Licence

Universal Audio Apollo 8 Duo and Pro Tools Perpetual Licence

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Bundle includes an Apollo 8 Duo Thunderbolt interface with DSP, and an Avid Pro Tools Duet system including a Duet USB interface (made by Apogee) and a copy of Pro Tools (supplied as a perpetual licence), with additional free plug-ins including Eleven guitar amp simulator.

  • Universal Audio Apollo 8 Duo and Pro Tools Perpetual Licence

    Bundle includes an Apollo 8 Duo Thunderbolt interface with DSP, and an Avid Pro Tools Duet system including a Duet USB interface (made by Apogee) and a copy of Pro Tools (supplied as a perpetual licence), with additional free plug-ins including Eleven guitar amp simulator.

    Main Features

    • Next-generation Apollo A/D and D/A conversion for professional music production
    • Onboard UAD-2 DUO Core DSP allows Realtime UAD Processing - record through plug-ins from Neve, Lexicon, Studer, Marshall, Ampex, and more*
    • 4 Unison-enabled mic preamps
    • 18 x 24 Thunderbolt 2 audio interface for Mac with powerful Console 2.0 software control
    • Cascade up to 4 Apollo interfaces and 6 UAD devices total over Thunderbolt (Mac)
    • Pro Tools perpetual licence
    • Includes a Duet by Apogee USB audio interface for MAC and PC
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    Package consists of:
    • 1 x Universal Audio Apollo 8 Duo Thunderbolt Audio Interface with DSP
    • 1 x AVID Pro Tools Duet USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools Perpetual Software

    Universal Audio Apollo 8 Duo Thunderbolt Audio Interface with DSP
    The Apollo 8 Duo from Universal Audio is an elegant update to one of the world's most popular professional audio interfaces — delivering enhanced sound with the tone, feel, and flow of analogue recording.
    This 18 x 24 Thunderbolt interface features onboard UAD-2 DUO processing, genuine UA analogue design, and next-generation A/D and D/A conversion, putting class-leading sonic performance in a sleek new package.
    Apollo 8 further distinguishes itself with Realtime UAD Processing and Unison™ technology, letting you record at near-zero latency through the full range of UAD plug-ins from Neve, Studer, Manley, Lexicon, and more — including new mic preamp emulations from Neve, API and Universal Audio.* Apollo Expanded software now allows cascading up to four Apollos in a single system over Thunderbolt (Mac), so you can scale up your studio as your needs grow.
    Next-Generation Apollo A/D and D/A Conversion
    Apollo 8 improves upon the original Apollo's gold-standard audio quality with completely redesigned, class-leading A/D and D/A conversion — giving you increased dynamic range and even lower THD. This results in breathtaking clarity, depth, and accuracy in your recordings, from tracking and overdubbing, to mixing and mastering.
    Realtime UAD Plug-In Processing for Tracking, Mixing, and Mastering
    While Apollo 8's 'natural' sound is very open and transparent, it can quickly deliver a stunning range of classic analogue tones and colour via its Realtime UAD Processing. Available with UAD-2 DUO processing onboard, Apollo's DSP Acceleration allows for recording through UAD Powered Plug-Ins — with as low as sub-2ms latency — letting you monitor and 'print' audio using classic analogue emulations from Ampex, Lexicon, Manley, Neve, Roland, SSL, Studer, and more.*
    The Apollo 8's bundled 'Realtime analogue Classics Plus' suite of UAD plug-ins gives you the UA 610-B Tube Preamp & EQ, Raw Distortion, Softube Amp Rooms, legacy LA-2A, 1176, and Fairchild compressors, Pultec EQs, and more, so you have a rack full of bonafide audio classics, right out of the box.
    Using Apollo, UAD plug-ins are also available during mixing and mastering, putting UAD plug-ins (VST, RTAS, AU, AAX 64) at your disposal throughout the creative process.
    Four Mic Preamps with Unison™ Technology
    A Universal Audio breakthrough, Apollo 8's Unison technology gives you the tone of the world's most sought-after tube and solid state mic preamps — including their impedance, gain stage 'sweet spots', and component-level circuit behaviours.
    Based on unprecedented hardware-software integration between Apollo's mic preamps and its onboard UAD plug-in processing, Unison lets you record through stunning emulations like the bundled UA 610-B Tube Preamp plug-in, or exclusive preamp emulations from API and Neve.
    Unison technology is further enhanced in Apollo 8 to include its panel Hi-Z instrument inputs, giving you dead-on impedance and gain matching for new stompbox models.
    Apollo Expanded and Console 2.0
    Thanks to Apollo Expanded software, users of Thunderbolt-equipped Apollo Twin, Apollo 8, Apollo 8p, and Apollo 16 audio interfaces can combine up to four Apollos and six total UAD-2 devices — adding I/O and DSP as their studio grows. Apollo Expanded also permits integration with previous generation Apollo over Thunderbolt.
    With Apollo 8's Console 2.0 application — a complete re-imagining of Apollo's original Console software — you can take advantage of over 25 user-requested features such as Channel Strip presets, Drag & Drop functionality, dynamically resizable windows, and more.
    Improved Monitoring and Workflow
    Apollo 8 features a host of front-panel upgrades over the original Apollo, including Alt Speakers, Dim, and Mono functions as well as input and output metering capabilities via the new Meter button. These features combine with Apollo's system scalability to make it the new standard in professional multi-channel audio recording.
    *All trademarks are recognised as property of their respective owners. Individual UAD Powered Plug-Ins sold separately.

    AVID Pro Tools Duet USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools Perpetual Software
    Designed for singer/songwriters and loop-based musicians, the AVID Pro Tools® | Duet enables you to turn your Mac or PC into a powerful yet portable music creation and audio recording studio.
    Featuring industry-standard Pro Tools | Software and the best-in-class Duet by Apogee 2x4 audio interface, Pro Tools | Duet provides everything you need to create professional-level productions that will help you stand out from the crowd—from first note to final mix.
    Create With A Complete Solution
    Pro Tools | Duet gives you the best of both worlds—multi award- winning Pro Tools | Software and the legendary sound of the Duet by Apogee audio interface, providing everything you need to compose, play, practice, record, edit, mix, and master music and audio. Take your creativity to the next level with a comprehensive and truly portable system that delivers exceptional performance, quality, and value—in your studio and on the go.
    Put Pro Tools Power In The Palm Of Your Hand
    Pro Tools | Software is the longtime industry-standard digital audio workstation used and trusted by just about every top artist, musician, producer, mixer, sound designer, recording studio, and post-production facility around the world for music, film, and television. It's also been honoured by the industry with Grammy, Oscar, and Emmy awards. With Pro Tools, you can work with the same tools the pros use to create your favourite songs and soundtracks—with unparalleled speed and ease.
    Get Premium Sound Quality, Designed By Apogee
    The ultra-compact, best-in-class Pro Tools | Duet USB audio interface features cutting-edge technology that delivers a difference you can hear. State-of-the-art A/D and D/A conversion renders every detail of your audio recordings, plug-ins, and virtual instruments, delivering sonic fidelity and precision. And the dynamically optimised mic preamps, featuring Apogee's Advanced Stepped Gain Architecture, provide superior bandwidth, ultra-low noise, and up to 75 dB of stunningly transparent gain, so your recordings retain the full impact, warm detail, and lifelike dimension of the original.
    See It, Select It, Dial It In
    With the included EUCON™-enabled Pro Tools IO Control software, you can take direct control of your recording and monitoring experience through the software control panel, from the Pro Tools | Duet audio interface, or using any Artist Series controller. Plus you'll also experience the same tight integration between Pro Tools | Software and Pro Tools | Duet as you would with any Avid audio interface.
    Get Portability With Reliability For The Road
    Pro Tools | Duet is solidly built with die-cast aluminium, steel, and a scratch-resistant display panel hardened by UV processing, providing a sleek yet robust chassis for added protection against daily abuse and the unpredictability of travel. Plus, its compact size makes it an easy fit in any desktop studio environment, or tuck it into your bag or backpack for on-the-go creation.
    Avid welcomes Apogee Electronics as a Connectivity Partner
    Apogee helped pioneer the digital recording revolution, pushing the envelope of digital audio quality with its legendary AD/DA conversion. And now that Apogee has come onboard as an audio I/O Connectivity Partner, you'll have even more product choices that complement and integrate with Pro Tools and other Artist Suite solutions, delivering
    on the Avid Everywhere vision. With the simplified and connected experience the Avid MediaCentral platform brings, you can choose how you want to work, overcome challenges more quickly, and gain the edge you need to stand out in today's competitive industry.
    What's included
    Pro Tools | Duet audio interface
    Pro Tools | Software activation card (requires activation and download)
    AAX plug-in bundle with over 60 virtual instruments and effects (requires download)
    Pro Tools IO Control EUCON-enabled software (requires download)
    I/O breakout cable (with two combo mic/instrument/line inputs and two line outputs)
    iLok 2 USB key (for Pro Tools authorisation)
    USB cable
    Universal power supply with adapters for US/North America, UK, EU, AU, and JP
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