TC Helicon VoiceLive 3 Vocal Processor  (Ex-Display)

TC Helicon VoiceLive 3 Vocal Processor (Ex-Display)

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The TC-Helicon VoiceLive® 3 gives you the ultimate 3-in-1 professional performance system for vocals, guitar and phrase looping.

  • TC Helicon VoiceLive 3 Vocal Processor (Ex-Display)

    The TC-Helicon VoiceLive® 3 gives you the ultimate 3-in-1 professional performance system for vocals, guitar and phrase looping.

    Main Features

    • A complete vocal sound with next generation harmony processing, effects and tonal quality
    • TC Electronic stomp box effects, Amp Tones and dedicated stereo amp outputs
    • Powerful 3-phrase looping lets you create and store entire songs on-the-fly
    • Guitar chords automatically guide vocal Harmony, HardTune, Synth and Vocoder effects
    • Independent outputs for vocal and guitar
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    Your Voice, Front and Centre
    With a mind-blowing vocal effects path more comprehensive than anything created before – featuring 11 independent effects blocks, over 180 different styles, and more than 250 factory presets available right out of the box (and more available for free download) – VoiceLive 3 represents the absolute pinnacle of singer's technology and the perfect partner for your voice.
    No-Compromise Guitar FX and Amp Tones
    TC-Helicons sister company is legendary guitar FX maker, TC Electronic, and by including some of the most popular sounds from their TonePrint pedals like Flashback Delay, Hall of Fame Reverb, Corona Chorus, and Vortex Flanger they've designed the Guitar section of VoiceLive 3 to rival even the most pristine pedal boards. Add to that the full gamut of great tone classics such as wah, octave, tremolo, and drive, and you've got an unbeatable guitar road kit.
    Dedicated Vocal PA and Guitar Out
    What makes VoiceLive 3 stand out is the dedicated stereo vocal and stereo guitar amp outputs. Send your guitar sound directly to your favourite amp, completely independent of the vocal output going to the PA.
    The killer feature is that this also works if you're looping. The stereo vocal loops go to the PA while the stereo guitar loops go separately to the amps.
    Building Better Songs with Loops
    VoiceLive 3's looping allows you to experiment with real-time song creation or exciting loop jams. Arrange and re-arrange backing tracks with flexible verse-chorus-bridge switching. The LoopAssist™ function helps you make tighter loops effortlessly and auto-expands loops to allow different lengths. 45 minutes of looping time and infinite overdubs let you create entire sets of songs – and store them for instant recall.
    Next Generation 3iC Power Platform
    While the form factor of VoiceLive 3 continues the tradition for VoiceLive 2 and VoiceLive Rack, look under the hood and you'll discover an entirely different kind of beast. Sporting a new 3iC processing, VoiceLive 3 features cutting-edge hardware with 3 independent cores dedicated solely to vocals, guitar and looping. Match these with increased memory and lightning fast access and you're looking at more than double the processing power of their previous benchmark, VoiceLive 2.
    Portable Command Centre
    TC-Helicon have spent a lot of time figuring out the most effective I/O options to make VoiceLive 3 a flexible and extremely portable command centre for your performance. On top of dedicated stereo PA and Guitar outputs you get separate monitor and headphone mix outputs, with a monitor mix input. Also included are TC's RoomSense™ microphones for controlling harmony and adding ambience to your monitor mix, as well as two control inputs for expression pedals or Switch-3.
    Total Performance Control
    VoiceLive 3 is designed to empower you and your performance, giving you easy access to presets, sounds and switching between them, while providing complete customisation of switch functions and deep edit control. Use the LAYER button to change between the vocals, guitar and loop control layers. Each mode gives you instant access to layer-specific functions via the footswitches, with the LCD display showing a clear view of which footswitch controls what effect.
    Guitar & Headphone Cable
    VoiceLive 3 comes with a specially designed combination Guitar & Headphone Cable that facilitates in-ear monitoring and allows you to practice without an amp – and gives you ample freedom to move while you rock out.
    Endless Styles and Genres
    The GENRE feature allows you to easily browse hundreds of presets by style, effects type and artists. Choose a genre that suits you and VoiceLive 3 will list the presets that fit your preference. Perfect for when you're looking for that specific sound or need inspiration for your next song.
    Make It a HIT
    The HIT button turns on multiple effects at once to add effect layers or to create quick A/B scenes for each preset. Use it to add dazzling vocal effects for the chorus, or strip down a guitar part for the verse, or even a combination of both vocal and guitar effects changes – you decide!
    Get Loud, No Clipping
    The automatic Mic Gain feature takes the guesswork out of setting your input level properly. Simply sing your loudest into the mic and VoiceLive 3 will set your mic gain automatically for the best signal-to-noise ratio and freedom from nasty input distortion.
    Control It From Your Mic
    Add remote Mic Control™ with the TC-Helicon MP-75 or Sennheiser e 835 fx microphones for additional control of presets, performance, effects and looping while you're performing.

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