TC Helicon Perform-V Vocal Effects Processor  (as new)

TC Helicon Perform-V Vocal Effects Processor (as new)

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The TC-Helicon Perform-V offers all the tools you need to make your vocals stand out.

  • TC Helicon Perform-V Vocal Effects Processor (as new)

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    The TC-Helicon Perform-V offers all the tools you need to make your vocals stand out.

    Main Features

    • Professional studio vocals for every performance
    • Fast, easy-to-control sounds for all musical styles
    • Unique design snaps directly onto your mic stand
    • Adaptive Tone™ for supreme live production
    • Beam or download hundreds of new sounds and styles
    • Practice without a mic using the onboard RoomSense microphone
    • Extended control with our mics and footswitches
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    If you're serious about singing, you'll find that sounding your best is about more than talent or vocal technique. It's about taking what is unique about your voice and using the right tools to make it stand out – whether you're live at a venue, a radio session, recording at home, or uploading to YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram, or any of your other favourite social channels.
    This is where Perform-V shines. What formerly required a skilled producer or a dedicated sound engineer can now be set up in seconds and offer the professional vocal sound that is key to an unforgettable performance. The beauty of Perform-V is that it lets you focus entirely on your love of singing and creativity while it automatically handles the polish and production values.
    Instant Studio Sound
    Crystal clarity for every word is the true power of Perform-V. It understands what suits your voice and shapes it for your audience. Pressing the TONE button automatically takes care of the business of making you sound better. If there is one magic trick inside Perform-V, this is it.
    Time-Tested Vocals
    Onboard are all those exciting sounds that captivate your listeners, create dazzling effects, or add lyrical emphasis – just like those used by every popular artist before you. The DOUBLE, REVERB, and ECHO controls give you fast access to all the classic sounds that make good singers great and they're yours to explore.
    Just Beam It
    Out of the box it's easy to dial in a timeless, premium vibe using the onboard Double, Reverb, and Echo sounds. However, the real fun starts when you download the free Perform-V app for your smartphone.
    Choose from hundreds of pre-made sounds including HardTune, harmony, megaphone, and instantly recreate the vibe of your favourite artist or musical style. Simply 'beam' the sounds directly from your phone to the PRESET buttons and you're good to go – no need for accessories or even a wireless or Bluetooth connection! It's pretty much magic, and you'll just have to try it to believe it.
    Make It A Hit
    Most presets you beam or download come with a 'HIT' function. HIT helps you build intensity into your performances by adding additional layers to the preset by simply pressing the preset button a second time (it turns blue instead of green). This is ideal for creating striking choruses or highlighting a certain phrase.
    Set And Forget
    Perform-V removes much of the complexity involved with most audio gear. In addition to Tone, the Automatic Microphone Input Gain means that setup is as straightforward as plugging in a mic and holding the SET button while you sing. Boom, ready to rock. It even clips onto your mic stand right where you need it.
    No Worries
    Everything about Perform-V is designed to remove the typical obstacles that singers face while leaving the all-important creative control to you. This includes the option for adding subtle PITCH correction as well as ANTI-FEEDBACK, which protects you from accidental screeches, so you can sing your heart out anywhere on stage.
    Practice Without A Mic
    When you're not beaming presets to it, the embedded RoomSense™ mic doubles as a handy vocal input for headphone sessions when the ideas come faster than getting up and plugging in your regular mic.
    Hands On
    Remote control your sounds with a mic engineered for the sonic realities of modern vocal performance. Add the TC-Helicon MP-75 or MP-76 microphone and use the groundbreaking Mic Control™ buttons to roam the stage freely.
    Hands Off
    While Perform-V is designed for a hands-on experience, there may be times when you're playing an instrument or otherwise keeping those fingers occupied. For these occasions, you can add an optional Switch-3 or Switch-6 accessory pedal to let your feet take control.

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