TC Electronic RH750 and RS212 Bass Stack  (As New)

TC Electronic RH750 and RS212 Bass Stack (As New)

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This great package combines the full featured TC Electronic RH750 head with an RS212 2 x 12 cab. The RH750 takes the features of the renowned RH450 and ups the ante a notch with a staggering 750 Watts of clean, controllable tone.

  • TC Electronic RH750 and RS212 Bass Stack (As New)

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    This great package combines the full featured TC Electronic RH750 head with an RS212 2 x 12 cab. The RH750 takes the features of the renowned RH450 and ups the ante a notch with a staggering 750 Watts of clean, controllable tone.

    Main Features

    • RH750 offers 750 Watts (RMS) of bass power
    • Highly veratile tone controls
    • Onboard user memories
    • Bass tuner built-in
    • Transformer balanced line out
    • AES/EBU or S/PDIF digital output
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    Package consists of:
    • 1 x TC Electronic RH750 Bass Head
    • 1 x TC Electronic RS212 2x12 bass cabinet
    • 1 x Horizon H16-6 6 ft Speaker Lead with 1/4 Inch Jack Plugs

    TC Electronic RH750 Bass Head
    RH750 continues the Bass Amp 2.0 quest of bringing a whole new set of features to bass players. RH750 captures the essence of this new revolutionary concept with a built-in chromatic tuner, three presets and jaw-dropping tone shaping abilities combined with immense power and stunning bass tone.
    Quite simply, RH750 raises the bass bar to new heights. First of all, it jams significant power into its compact design - 750 watts (1200 watts peak) just waiting for you to unleash it on stages everywhere! Secondly, a new TweeterTone knob, gives you 'intelligent HF control' that can take RH750 from old-school vintage tones to crisp and modern bass tones or anything in between in seconds. Obviously, RH750 and RH450 are related, RH750 just takes it up a notch!
    Further, RH750 includes SpectraComp, a unique 'per string' bass compressor that has been praised by bass players all over the world for its extremely even compression across all strings. TubeTone, an amazing recreation of both a tube pre- and power amp. When you combine those features with the extremely versatile 4-band tone control section and the new TweeterTone feature, you get a set of tone shaping capabilities in a league of its own. In fact, RH750 has the exact same preamp as TC's crown jewel bass amp: Blacksmith!
    Flexible Tone Controls
    RH750 features a set of straightforward controls similar to those from traditional amps, voiced to give you plenty of tweaking options to nail the perfect tone. Chances are that this is all you'll ever need. However, if you're not fully satisfied with the default frequency areas, fear not! Every tone control is also capable of being semi-parametric bands. This way, you can pinpoint any frequency you want to remove or boost for each tone control and then store the settings.
    On-board user memories
    You might not use presets...yet. If you use different basses or change playing style during shows, you know that a few amp presets would be welcome. RH750 gives you 3 on-board user memories for effortless switching between 4 and 5-string basses or Rickenbackers and Fenders for that matter. Alternatively, you can create 3 entirely different tones for one bass – e.g. overdrive, slap and a vintage tone. Just plug in your bass and use the 'car radio' style Store & Recall controls to easily switch between you personal presets. Also, by adding the optional RC4 floor-based remote control, you can switch effortlessly between you presets without ever letting go of the strings.
    TubeTone™ was originally developed for the RH450 bass amp. Most transistor designs try to replicate tube sound using one small preamp tube, but why not take the crucial characteristics of a full preamp and power amp into account? Both are essential to the sound when you want that classic tube warmth as well as when you go for a full-on overdriven rock sound with a massive punch! TubeTone™ gives you exactly that.
    A conventional compressor is often dominated by the lower string, but with SpectraComp™, inherited directly from the original RH450, you get 'per string' multi-band compression that evens out the compression across all strings. In short, you get an even and rock solid tone that cuts through any mix whether you play fingerstyle, with a heavy pick or slap the strings hard.
    The tweeter control is usually located on the rear side of the cabinet, but on RH750 you can simply adjust the tweeter level right from the front panel. Further, the sound also gets modified slightly with filters for a much more intelligent control over the high frequencies that are critical for giving your sound that razor-sharp edge.
    Built in bass tuner
    Every bass player needs a tuner, but virtually no other amp offers anything else than a 'tuner out' feature.... RH750 does! Simply push the Mute button to get a full-resolution tuner 'light ring' to help you tune your instrument quickly and accurately. You can also use the RC4 remote control unit for easy floor-access to this functionality. Both speaker and DI outputs are muted automatically while tuning. Finally, even when you haven't pushed the Mute button, the tuner is still active, only without the light ring feature.
    Transformer balanced Studio grade Line driver output
    Quality can vary wildly with built-in DIs, but RH750's DI is transformer balanced and galvanic isolated from the rest of the amp, which means that you get absolutely no ground loops or annoying humming. And don't worry about long cable runs – RH750 will draw at least 100m of cable with zero loss of audio quality. Even though the integrated DI in RH750 does not need 48v phantom to operate, it does not get harmed if your sound engineer should happen to leave it on by accident.
    AES/EBU Digital recording out
    The AES/EBU connector lets you record straight into your DAW, such as Pro Tools or Logic. For maximum flexibility, it's also S/PDIF compatible and can be switched between 'Pre' and 'Post' in the pre-amp section.

    TC Electronic RS212 2x12 bass cabinet
    The TC Electronic RS212 is part of a system that will revolutionise your on-stage performance.
    TC Electronic have worked with specialist US company Eminence to produce specific custom drivers for the systems. The dual-concentric placement of the HF driver inside the top woofer in RS212's cabinet secures optimal dispersion and audio performance.
    Rugged science
    The RS212 incorporates a rugged design with an anti-scratch finish and uses a dual-component 'anti skid' surface treatment to help cabinets 'stick' together when stacked.
    Vertical Line Stacking
    If you use a traditional 4 x 10 cab, you're always faced with the same problem when playing live: place the 4 x 10 on the floor and you get great bottom end but no pitch recognition. Put the 4 x 10 on a stand and you get the opposite – great pitch but no low end. The solution is to use RS212's convenient vertical 4-driver stacking system that gives you the best of both worlds - great sound and pitch – and in a system that's light and portable enough for you to carry from gig to gig.
    TC Electronic RS212 Specifications
    Dimensions : W x H x D 356 x 664 x 500mm
    Weight : 22 kg / 44 pounds
    Power handling : 400 Watt
    Enclosure : 18mm plywood side panels, 18mm rounded carved hardwood corners
    Surface treatment : 'Anti-skid' dual component surface
    Porting : Dual rear porting
    Woofer : Eminence custom 12 inch
    Tweeter : Eminence 33mm voicecoil, titanium diaphragm
    Tweeter adjustment : L-pad (off - 0dB)

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