Suhr Koko Boost Reloaded, Boost Effects Pedal

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The Koko Boost Reloaded is multi-purpose boost pedal offering clean and mid-focussed modes with switchable voicing and a host of features. No Box, Excellent condition.

  • Suhr Koko Boost Reloaded, Boost Effects Pedal (Pre-Owned)

    The Koko Boost Reloaded is multi-purpose boost pedal offering clean & mid-focussed modes with switchable voicing & a host of features. No Box, Excellent condition.

    Suhr Koko Boost Reloaded

    In May of 2009, Suhr shipped the very first Koko Boost pedal. Koko's unique design incorporated both a transparent clean boost and a selectable midrange boost which extended the range of your tube amplifier and Overdrive and/or Distortion pedals. It wasn't long before the Koko was seen on the pedalboards of professional guitarists everywhere for it's unique capabilities.

    The Koko Boost Reloaded is the result of countless hours of listening, testing, and modifying the original circuit to create a pedal with a smaller footprint, while simultaneously expanding functionality and versatility. Thanks to the proprietary Multi-Function Technology, mf(x), switching between Koko's two boosts has never been easier. Additionally, Suhr have re-voiced the 3-position frequency switch and added +6dB more gain than the original Koko for increased harmonics and sustain.

    Koko Reloaded is the ideal solution for players seeking a pedalboard friendly Clean/Mid Boost pedal to expand the range of pushed and overdriven tones from their amplifier and pedal setup!


    More Control - Koko Reloaded was engineered with independent Clean and Mid Boost controls resulting in the ability to fine-tune each mode.

    Re-Voiced Frequency Switch - The Mid Boost frequencies have been optimised for a sweeter, more cutting tone, that never sounds harsh or fatiguing.

    • Left (Mids): Full and Smooth, tuned specifically to bring out your guitars natural midrange characteristics.
    • Middle (High Mids): Clear and articulate, voiced to cut through a mix for solo playing.
    • Right (Low Mids): Fat and Creamy, excellent for thickening up rhythm and lead tones.

    Mf(x) Technology - Switch between Koko Reloaded's two modes (clean and mid boost) in mid performance by pressing and holding the footswitch. Mf(x) is a proprietary foot switch technology that enables you to seamlessly select between two distinct user modes, Clean and Mid, just by holding down the foot switch. Would you like to default to one mode in particular the next time you turn on Koko? Not a problem: mf(x) has built in memory that remembers your last mode choice.

    Selectable Bypass Mode - Via an internal switch, you can choose to have Koko operate in true bypass, or buffered bypass modes.

    FX Link - The FX Link connector allows the pedal's switching function to be controlled from an external switch, pedal board, loop switcher, or any other custom interface. FX Link also provides the ability to power up in the On/Off state.

    Low Battery Monitor - Koko Reloaded incorporates a unique battery monitor that alerts the user to low battery conditions. In addition, the battery monitor will automatically switch the pedal to True Bypass if the battery voltage is too low for the circuitry to correctly operate.

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