Studio Electronics Sensei Analogue Modular Eurorack Synthesizer

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The Studio Electronics Modstar Sensei Analogue Synth brings together 12 of their powerful and versatile analogue Eurorack modules in a handsome and well-powered MONOROCKET M6104 case.

  • Studio Electronics Sensei Analogue Modular Eurorack Synthesizer

    Main Features

    • All-analogue Eurorack based synthesizer
    • Three Oscillation modules for a powerful sound
    • Four different filters based on classic designs
    • Comprehensive MIDI interface with Mono and Duo modes along with an arpeggiator
    • Over-specified PSU ensures excellent sound and stability
    • Housed in a black, carbon Fibre Monorocket M6104 case

    The Modstar Sensei from Studio Electronics is an all-analogue monster featuring their awesome sounding Eurorack modules housed in sleek and sturdy black carbon fibre MONOROCKET M6104 case. The Sensei starts with three Oscillation modules with highly stable tuning and a rich, warm sound. It then presents you with four different filters, all based on classic and revered filters: the Oberheim SEM, ARP 4072, Moog Transistor ladder and Yamaha CS80.
    The other modules take care of all the modulation, routing and mixing duties. You an interface via CV and Gate or use the MIDI3 MIDI interface, one of the best specified units on the market.

    All these analogue beauties are housed in a carbon fibre Monorocket case offering a total of 3.5A of super clean power which ensures stability and allows the modules to sound their best. The case has a handle for portability but this can be removed if you wish to stack the case.

    The Modules

    • OSCILLATION: Class-A, discrete, DC coupled, output buffered, exponential current source, vintage-designed analogue oscillator

    • SEM: Obi-flavoured, 12 Db voltage controlled state variable filter and 'Pendulum Chaos Generator'—damping/stabilising override feature

    • 4075: Arp-flavoured Discrete, voltage controlled, 24/db/oct cascaded transconductance low-pass filter—six pairs of hand-matched transistors. It's really a 4-pole ARP 4072 (better: more parts and trims)

    • 5089: Mini-flavoured voltage controlled, discrete analogue, 24 db/oct transistor ladder, low-pass filter (hand-matched transistors)

    • SE88: Dual mode: High Pass/Band Reject, Low Pass/BandPass dual resonant, 12Db CS80 filter with stereo 'Pendulum Chaos Generation'

    • MIDI 3: Third generation extremely full-featured MIDI to CV converter

    • LEVELS: Versatile, low-noise six channel summing mixer/attenuator for audio and CV—pots are wired with logarithmic volume curves

    • SHAPERS: Dual four stage envelope generator with independently adjustable ATTACK, DECAY, SUSTAIN, and RELEASE stages

    • AMP: 2 stage Class A discrete design, using 3 pairs of hand matched transistors: Drive—'70s era distortion and Drone control

    • LFO2: Potent all analogue dual LFO module—two different low frequency oscillator circuits provide a variety of modulation options

    • SCI FI: Ring Mod, White and Pink Noise, Sample and Hold, 'Classic Synth Toolbox', with LFO and slewing control of S&H

    • OUTS: Dual independent output module featuring a stereo 1/4 inch headphone amplifier output and dual mono 1/4 inch line level outputs

    M6104 Case Technical Details

    2 rows / 104hp each
    Internal depth: 4.5 inches (except area over PSU which is 2 7/8 inches)
    External Dimensions with lid attached (H x W x D): 11.5 x 22.5 x 8 inches
    Unit stands vertical or lays on its back
    Stackable if you detach the handle (4 pan head screws)

    3.5a on the +/-12v rails
    500ma of +5v per row installed
    15 Doepfer compatible power connections per row (shrouded and keyed)
    5 analogueue Solutions power connections per row
    120v and 240v Power Supply Unit

    'Sliding Nuts' mounting system

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