Studio Electronics Charcot Circles Eurorack Analogue Step Sequencer

Studio Electronics Charcot Circles Eurorack Analogue Step Sequencer

Product code: setcircles

Charcot Circles from Studio Electronics is a Eurorack format step sequencer with multiple modes and expansion options.

  • Studio Electronics Charcot Circles Eurorack Analogue Step Sequencer

    Charcot Circles from Studio Electronics is a Eurorack format step sequencer with multiple modes and expansion options.

    Main Features

    • 16 x 8 step sequencer in Eurorack format
    • Multiple combinations of CV and Gate outputs
    • CV and gate expansion via optional BBOX
    • Software updateable over USB
    • 26HP Eurorack format module
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    Surrender yourselves to the hypnotic, borderline hysterical sway of the Charcot Circles (named for Jean-Martin Charcot* 'founder of modern neurology') to awaken your mind and muse. Only the Charcot Circles possesses the organic power and intelligence to identify specific sites in the brain responsible for detailed, sequential, musical functions. Was it not Doc. Jean-Martin who said: 'In the last analysis, we see only what we are ready to see, what we have been taught to see.'

    Who can argue with that, or find fault with Marc Sirguy's compelling and mesmerising design of SE's 1st eurorack collaboration with eowave? A 16 x 8 step sequencer, that can be utilised as an 8 x 16 step track preset (8 CVs & gates), 4 x 32 (4 CVs & gates), 2 x 64 (2 CVs & gates), and 1 x 128 step track preset (1 CV, 1 gate). CV and gate expansion is made possible through the BBOX—breakout box interface, which features 4 CVs & 4 gates. Up to 2 breakout boxes per Charcot can be connected.

    Think of the heirarchy this way from top to bottom:
    • Banks: a collection of up to 16 presets
    • Presets: a collection of tracks—composed of 1-16 Notes
    • Notes: base level data, or steps.
    Up to 256 presets can be stored in the 16 banks of 16 presets. In TRACK PLAY—the most expressive performance mode, mode you decide which tracks you want to play together in the preset. In Global mode '8' for instance, tracks 1-8: 1 and 8: 1, 2, 3 and 8—just track 5, etc. In Global mode '4', tracks 1-4: 1, 2, 3: 1 and 4, etc. In Global mode '2', tracks 1, 2: 1: 2. In Global mode '1', 1 track of 128 steps.

    Charcot Circles's attraction and connections: USB in/out, CV in, clock in, reset in, clock out, reset (out), velocity (out), gate (out), CV (out), are certain to attract both scientific and social notoriety. Let your predispositional creativity (think of that as the outer circle of white LEDs) mesh with an inspirational 'Circles' influence (think of that as the inner circle of red LEDs) to exceed the threshold of the dissed-ordinary.

    Highlights, Clarifications, and Recaps
    Breakout box (BBox) allows for 4x multichannel/mult-CV use.
    Up to 2 breakout boxes can be connected to generate up to 8 CVs and 8 gate outputs.
    Per note/track pitch, velocity, and length, with 256 track memory locations.

    Patch It
    Eight patch points: CV IN, CLOCK IN, RESET IN, CLOCK (out), RESET (out), VEL (out), GATE (out), CV (out).

    Patch Points Detail
    CV IN:Control voltage input.
    CLOCK IN:Clock source can be a square wave or gate signal (positive logic).
    RESET IN:Positive voltage resets the Sequencer to the first step.
    CLOCK (out):Outputs a pulse per step. The default step setting is 1/16 (1/16th note). In note mode press SHIFT and PLAY together, then turn the encoder to divide the master tempo.
    RESET (out):Positive reset voltage output.
    VEL (out):Velocity (note/step level) output.
    GATE (out):0/+5v trigger output.
    CV (out):Control Voltage output.

    Additional Connections
    USB in/out - MIDI, software update via USB HIDBootloader, importing and exporting sequence data via Max7.

    Size - 26hp

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