Steven Slate Drums Platinum 4.0 SSD4 (serial number download)

Steven Slate Drums Platinum 4.0 SSD4 (serial number download)

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This product includes a FREE Upgrade to version 4 when it's released.

  • Steven Slate Drums Platinum 4.0 SSD4 (serial number download)

    This product includes a FREE Upgrade to version 4 when it's released.

    Steven Slate Drums Platinum library contains over 40 drumkits including 13 kits that are authentic models of class artists and albums, as well as 10 new hybrid kits that use multiple layers of various kicks and snares to create new and unique sounds.
    This Platinum drum suite is the most complete virtual drum instrument on the market, conquering all your digital drum needs with an RTAS VST AU and standalone midi plugin, instant presets for Roland VDrum Modules, and hundreds of easy to use midi grooves in our unique SONG form.
    At the heart of any drum library are the actual samples themselves. Steven Slate has been called the MASTER of drum sounds. In the early 2000's his original drum sample disc was in high demand amongst many top Hollywood producers and mixers. By 2006, when he publicly released his first official drum sample disc, his sounds could already be heard in many top billboard hits. Today, the airwaves are filled with Steven's samples, as they are used by top mixers such as Mike Shipley, Chris Lord Alge, Dave Way, Jeff Juliano, Jay Baumgardner, and more!
    Steven has recorded only the best drums, all tuned to perfection. Every drum and cymbal has been recorded first to 2 inch tape, enhancing their unique rich sound. Every drum and cymbal was recorded with multiple velocities and multiple hits per velocity to ensure the most natural recreation. Then the samples were transferred to digital via high end A/D converters at 24 bit/ 44.1khz.
    The samples were then processed by Steven Slate using some of the most classic analogue gear from both past and present. The result are drums that sound like you've always dreamed of, with punchy transients and smooth decays. By listening to the audio demos on the homepage, its easy to hear why many pros call Steven's samples the very best sounding digital drums available.
    The SSD Virtual Instrument, powered by Kontakt Player 3, is a standalone or RTAS-VST-AU plugin that is easy to use and integrate into your DAW. It contains both maps for keyboard and a universal mapping for Roland V-Drums. With its custom velocity and remapping features, users can also customise their own maps.
    New in version 3.5 is the new 'Advanced AMG' anti machine gun mode. This new algorithm is physically modelled after real drummers playing real drums, Advanced AMG makes the drums play with an extreme amount of realism with detailed response and sensitivity.
    While you'll probably find many of the drumkits on Steven Slate Drums are reminiscent of drumkits you've heard from various bands over the years, thirteen kits have been authentically modelled for a sound so close, you'll think it is the real thing! The initial EX pack contains the now famous Old Zep kit, modelled after the classic sound of Led Zeppelin. Keep in mind, these drumkits model the finalised mixed sounds that you have become familiar with, not just raw recordings of the drummer's kits.
    The Steven Slate Drums collection contains two unique sounding sets of room mics. The first set is from a large warehouse with concrete walls. These room mics were processed with heavy doses of compression, eq, and even modulation to make a larger then life, deep, wide, expressive room sound.
    The drums were then sampled in the famous NRG Recording STUDIO A, known for being one of the top drum rooms in Los Angeles. Its been home to bands like Linkin Park, Foo Fighters, Billy Joel, and more. These room mics have been left unprocessed and contain the signature depth and space from this beautiful sounding room.
    With the Steven Slate Drums virtual drum instrument, you can layer various drums to create amazing new sounds. For SSD Platinum, there are over a dozen 'hybrid' presets which show how unique this layering technique can sound.
    System Requirements
    • Windows® XP (32/64 bit) / Vista® (32/64 bit), Windows 7® (32/64 bit), any Intel or AMD CPU with SSE2 support, 1GB RAM, 2.4 GB free disc space,
    • Mac OS® X 10.4 or higher, PowerPC G5 or any Intel CPU, 1 GB RAM, 2.4 GB free disc space

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