SPL Auditor 2910 Headphone Amplifier

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The SPL Auditor is a high-end headphone amplifier based on SPL's famous 120 volts reference technology, allowing it to reach performance levels that go far beyond conventional headphone amp designs.

  • SPL Auditor 2910 Headphone Amplifier (Pre-Owned)

    Main Features

    • High-end headphone amplifier
    • Based on SPL's 120 volts reference technology
    • Handmade SPL SUPRA op-amps
    • Designed for minimum ear fatigue
    • Mono/Stereo switch
    • Large Volume dial
    • XLR Inputs and Outputs

    This pre-owned SPL Auditor is in great condition and full working order. It will sip in th eoriginal box and comes with a three month warranty.

    The Auditor, with its handmade SPL op-amps, allows you to monitor your mixes through your headphones with immense detail and clarity and with minimum ear fatigue - something that is especially important if you can't play your music at all hours, or if you don't own a quality pair of studio monitors.

    There is more than meets the eye with working with headphones. For example, the modern audio production is often a decentralised process, maybe recording and track laying in one studio and mixing in another, and as a result a production often takes place in acoustically questionable rooms. Mixing in such an environment would obviously result in an inaccurate final mix and so using headphones and the Auditor allows you to produce consistent mixes whenever and wherever you are. In a similar way, the use of headphones and the Auditor allows you to precisely mix late into the night at home, without the worry of waking up those who prefer to get an earlier night!

    Acoustic Magnifier

    Headphone monitoring is an extremely important alternative to loudspeaker monitoring: analytical monitoring via headphones offers a very high precision way to observe details. Headphone monitoring is like working with an acoustic magnifier, excluding external room influences. Working with the magnifier effect of headphones has the advantage of safely hearing clicks or similar defects and helps in fine tuning crossfades or to judge tonal problems in individual tracks.

    The End of Ear Fatigue

    Conventional headphone amplifiers can be a contributing factor to premature ear fatigue. For some years now, SPL has addressed this issue with their mastering series of products through their specifically developed 120 volt technology. Consoles and signal processors of the SPL Mastering Series appear as central elements in installations of today's most renowned mastering houses.

    The musical result of this technology cannot be mistaken. Regardless of the monitoring means, regardless of how loud you monitor, the Auditor always remains a distant, impartial factor, unaffected when used to capacity and beyond being overloaded.

    The phase stability is always perfect and its THD is next to immeasurable. The Auditor's SUPRA OPs cannot be stressed even in the most stressful circumstances, and for precisely this reason its musical sound is always relaxed and spacious. All frequencies are reproduced in balance, basses are stable and tight, mids are clear and differentiated and highs remain transparent and soft.

    Such supreme and heretofore unreachable neutrality in audio reproduction is the direct consequence of SPL's technical approach and basis in 120 volt technology. Possible disturbances such as noise or distortion are so slight that the Auditor even arrives at the boundaries of the best measuring equipment, and what remains is quite simply unaltered musical sound.

    SPL Auditor Specifications

    • Frequency Response: 5 Hz - 200 kHz
    • THD: 0.001 %
    • Noise: -97 dBu
    • Dynamic Range: 129 dB
    • Dimensions: 95 x 210 x 315 mm
    • Weight: 2.65 kg

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