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Sinevibes Malfunction II (Software Download)

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    Circuit-bent Filter

    Malfunction is a “circuit-bent” filter - a filter with intentionally broken connections and erroneous math that produces very special, hissy and screaming distortion. To tame this dramatic effect the plugin includes a low-pass pre-filter with a booster, as well as an output gate followed by a multi-mode filter. Malfunction also has two highly versatile tempo-synchronized modulation generators routed into the circuit-bent and the output filters for intricate morphing and pulsations: they feature many different waveforms including our special “broken triangle” and “staircase”. Plus, these modulators also offer variable chaos control which gradually adds random, never-repeating accents on each individual waveform cycle.

    Malfunction has an intuitive user interface built with Sinevibes trademark color-coded, animated graphics and highly legible shapes and text. Thanks to carefully tuned parameters, superb efficiency and stability, Malfunction is a deeply creative tool that is also very enjoyable day to day.


    Sound engine

    • Unique “circuit-bent” filter algorithm producing thick, hissy and screaming distortion.
    • Multi-mode state-variable filter with 8 algorithms for detailed output spectrum shaping.
    • Two modulation generators with 10 waveforms and variable chaos.
    • Transport sync with support for tempo and time signature changes.

    User interface

    • Color-coded controls with lightly animated transitions.
    • Fully hardware-accelerated rendering with support for Retina screen resolution.

    Update 2.0.0

    • Completely new product, redesigned inside and out.
    • All-new hardware-accelerated user interface graphics.
    • Built-in gate to prevent endless self-oscillation.
    • Two freshly developed modulation generators with new "broken triangle" and "broken saw" waveforms.
    • Much improved computational efficiency with 2.5x reduced processor load.

    System Requirements

    • Supports OS X 10.6 or later, running on 32 or 64-bit Intel Macs
    • Works with any application that supports Audio Unit (AU) effect plugins


    Malfunction II works with Logic, GarageBand, Live, MainStage, ReNoise, Reaper, Studio One, Digital Performer, Tracktion and other software that supports Audio Unit effect plugins. It comes in 32/64 bit format for Intel Macs running OS X 10.6 or later, and supports Retina screen resolution.

    Important Notes: 

    • This software is Mac compatible only (Audio Units) 
    • An Audio Units (AU) compatible DAW is also required to run this software
    • This software will not function on PC computers


    • Audio Units

    Latest Version:

    • 2.0.0

    Operating System:

      • OSX


    • 32bit
    • 64bit

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