Shure Wireless Systems

BLX Wireless - Straightforward Sound

The perfect entry point to analogue wireless systems.

Perfect for those looking to experience the freedom of wireless for the first time. BLX analogue wireless systems offer great sound and a wide range of transmitter form factors in single and dual-channel rackable receiver options. Say goodbye to noise and dropouts and be fully immersed in the moment. For small stage performances without limits.

GLX-D Digital Wireless - Made for Musicians

License-free usage, all over the world.

GLX-D gives you more freedom from interference than a traditional analogue system. By using the globally licence-free 2.4 GHz band, the system maintains clear channels through automated management of available frequencies. Also available as rack version as GLX-D Advanced with more channel count and smart frequency manager options for Plug&Play multi-setup.

PSM IEM Systems - Upgrade to In-Ear Monitoring 

Professional sound that moves with you.

Say goodbye to wedge monitors for good. When you’re on stage, you need to experience the freedom and clarity of in-ear monitoring. The combination of our PSM wireless monitoring systems and professional in-ear earphones deliver superior sound quality to performers onstage. The confidence that comes with this consistency makes legendary performances possible, night after night.