Sabian SABA2010 Artisan 20-inch Light Ride Cymbal

Sabian SABA2010 Artisan 20-inch Light Ride Cymbal (As New)

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Artisan cymbals blend old-world cymbal-making with innovation.

  • Sabian SABA2010 Artisan 20-inch Light Ride Cymbal (As New)

    Artisan cymbals blend old-world cymbal-making with innovation.

    Main Features

    • Hand hammered
    • Dark tone
    • Thin weight
    • Rich and traditional sound
    • Hand tested for quality control
    • Crisp stick response

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    Traditionally hand-hammered into shape and sound by Sabian craftsmen, Artisan cymbals also receive hand-guided large-peen hammering for extra dark, complex musicality.


    - Sabian metallurgists combine measured amounts of copper, tin and silver to create centuries-old recipe for Sabian B20 bronze alloy
    - Molten-hot B20 bronze is very carefully hand-poured into pots, and once cooled, yields already-musical B20 bronze castings
    - B20 castings are meticulously hand-separated by weight and prepared to remove all impurities
    - Castings are fed through a large rolling oven up to a dozen times, involving a crew of 5 men who must work with choreographic precision under intense heat
    - During the entire rolling process, blanks must be rotated carefully to create a molecular weave for strength and durability
    - As castings become cymbal blanks, custom-built machine tools are expertly hand-operated to press bells into blanks, drill holes in centre, cut down to size and bump for approximate shape
    - Hand-hammering artisans shape and form each cymbal with 2,000 to 4,000 precision-placed hammer blows, adding musicality, complexity, and dark tone
    - Lathe craftsmen operate specially retrofitted lathes, thinning cymbal to desired gauge while adding crucial tonal grooves
    - Cymbal must be trimmed to exact size and the edges buffed for smoothness
    - Each individual cymbal is hand-tested and hand-weighed in the Vault by Vault sound specialists, a critical process
    - Each individual cymbal is placed on a shelf to age, allowing the frantically active molecules to slow down and stabilise
    - Each individual cymbal is once again hand-tested by two Vault specialists to ensure they fit the parameters of the series and model

    With 'high density' hand hammering, sizzling hot, dark tone, and crisp stick 'click', the 20-inch light ride is rich with traditional tone.

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