Roland Juno Stage Synthesizer Pre-owned, No box, 3 months warranty

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This pre-owned Roland Juno Stage is in great condition and offers a lot of synth at a great price.

  • Roland Juno Stage Synthesizer Pre-owned, No box, 3 months warranty

    This pre-owned Roland Juno Stage is in great condition and offers a lot of synth at a great price.

    Main Features

    • High-quality, versatile sound set, including 88-key stereo multi-sampled piano, plus 2 open SRX expansion slots for soundset customisation
    • Newly-developed 76-note synth-action keyboard with first-class touch and response
    • Live-performance features such as an extra-large LCD, dedicated Reverb and Master EQ knobs, Click output for drummers, and hands-free patch-select capabilities
    • Top panel USB port enables accompaniment-track playback (MP3, .WAV, AIFF, SMF) directly from USB key
    • Phantom-powered mic input, plus reverb and vocoder, great for playing and singing along
    • MIDI Controller mode transforms JUNO-STAGE into a MIDI master keyboard with a single touch - perfect when using the JUNO-STAGE with a computer
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    Designed from the ground up for live performers, the Roland JUNO-STAGE is a new breed of synthesizer that every gigging keyboardist will love. Decked out with an extra-large display, USB backing-track functionality, a Click output for drummers, dedicated performance knobs, hands-free patch select, instant master MIDI control functionality and much more, JUNO-STAGE sets a new standard for powerful onstage performance at a friendly price.
    Versatile, Expandable Sound Set
    Carefully crafted for the stage, JUNO-STAGE's factory patch set covers a wide range of essential sounds, including the flagship 88-key stereo multi-sampled piano taken from the Fantom-X. Every JUNO-STAGE can also be expanded and customised via two Roland SRX Wave Expansion Boards (sold separately).
    Instant Access to Sounds
    On stage, you need quick and effortless access to your patches. JUNO-STAGE is equipped with FAVORITE buttons for instant access to banks of your most-needed sounds. Best of all, you can also recall your patches via a dual footswitch connected to a dedicated Patch Select jack, so you never have to take your hands off the keyboard.
    Live-Performance Control
    Roland optimised JUNO-STAGE's controllers for live performance, featuring easy-to-grab knobs for instant Master EQ and Reverb control. Located above the pitch bender, two assignable switches can be used for rotary organ effects, portamento on/off, and more.
    Backing Tracks Via USB
    JUNO-STAGE is equipped with a USB port and Song Player function that enables direct playback and control of backing tracks from a USB key. You can play MP3, .WAV, AIFF and SMF files, and even use the Center Cancel feature to minimise pre-recorded vocals for karaoke-style performance. Creating and editing playlists is simple with the supplied Playlist Editor software for PC: the playlist can be viewed on JUNO-STAGE's display.
    Instant Master MIDI Control
    The fast and friendly MIDI Controller mode, complete with dedicated buttons, transforms JUNO-STAGE into a MIDI master keyboard. In this mode, JUNO-STAGE allows program and control changes to be sent with a single touch. MIDI-channel assignments are displayed in a clear, easy-to-understand format.
    Stage-Friendly Bonus Features
    JUNO-STAGE is packed with great features for live performance, such as an XLR mic input with phantom power (ideal for vocal sing-along performance or driving the built-in vocoder), Click output (for sending an audible click track to bandmates onstage), and an external input for a portable audio player.

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  • Additional Information

    Condition Pre-owned
    Documentation No
    On demo in store No
    Brand Roland
    Keyboard Type Synth
    Number of keys 76
    Keyboard Action Semi-Weighted
    Specifications No