Rob Papen RP-Verb 2 Plug-In Reverb Effect (Download)

Rob Papen RP-Verb 2 Plug-In Reverb Effect (Download)

Product code: robrpv2120

The Rob Papen RP-Verb 2 is a musical reverb effects plug-in packed with new creative tools.

  • Rob Papen RP-Verb 2 Plug-In Reverb Effect (Download)

    The Rob Papen RP-Verb 2 is a musical reverb effects plug-in packed with new creative tools.

    Main Features

    • Inspiring and musical reverb effect
    • New Reverse mode
    • Pre-delay can be tempo sync'ed for unique effects
    • Pre-verb distortion effect
    • 500 expertly crafted presets
    • Download product with serial number
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    With an expanded, yet straightforward interface that puts all the most essential parameters right at your fingertips and inspiration right out of the box with presets that range from intimate venues to abstract, surreal spaces, RP-Verb 2 reverb effects plug-in comes packed with brand new inspiring creative tools.

    One of the most exciting additions to RP-Verb 2 is the new Reverse Mode which allows you to reverse the reverb sound in a very creative way. It can be tempo based and controlled easily - awesome for creating some unique fresh sounds. From vocals to drums, loops: you name it, the Reverse Mode is fantastic on any type of sound.

    Unique to RP-Verb 2 are its 'Spaces' – including 'Room Storm' which is fantastic on drums and percussion – think of the drum sound from Phil Collin's 'In The Air Tonight' - direct to your fingertips!

    Give an extra bite to the room sound with the 'pre-reverb' Distortion – not just excellent for drum and percussion sounds, this feature also works great on vocals, creating a more edgy sound before the reverb itself is applied. RP-Verb 2 also features an 'Envelope Follower' for gated reverb sounds. Uniquely, the Envelope Follower can control other parameters of RP-VERB 2 at the same time, for instance, changing the Reverb length. More modulation options are available including an additional Envelope, LFO and a Modulation Matrix.

    Other new features include:

    Distortion – RP-Verb 2 now includes different types of distortion including Foldover, Fuzz, Power and Saturation – a great sound sculpting feature!

    Ensemble – a 6 voice chorus effect which now, for RP-Verb 2, also includes a speed control.

    Late Reflection – now has the option to tempo sync and can also send the late reflection into the reverb instead of hearing it direct.

    Reverb Section – algorithms have been completely overhauled and the best selected as models. The pre-delay can also now be tempo-synced to your host software.

    500 presets – stored in clearly categorised bank folders to instantly experience the power of RP-Verb 2.

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