RME M-32 AD 32 Channel Analogue to MADI ADAT Converter

RME M-32 AD 32 Channel Analogue to MADI/ADAT Converter

Product code: rmem32ad

The RME M-32 AD is a 32 channel analogue to digital converter with an exceptional sound and feature set.

  • RME M-32 AD 32 Channel Analogue to MADI/ADAT Converter

    The RME M-32 AD is a 32 channel analogue to digital converter with an exceptional sound and feature set.

    Main Features

    • 32-channel AD converter, fully symmetrical design, 116 dBA
    • 1 x MADI I/O, 32 channels @ 96 kHz, 16 channels @ 192 kHz
    • 4 x ADAT Out, 16 channels @ 96 kHz, 8 channels @ 192 kHz
    • SteadyClock™ - pristine sound quality independently from the quality of the external clock signal
    • SyncCheck™ - unique technology to check clock synchronisation
    • All settings are stored permanently
    • Fully remote controllable via MIDI and MIDI over MADI
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    The M-32 AD combines excellent analogue circuit design with the latest converter chips and RME's superior SteadyClock, resulting in state-of-the-art AD conversion - 32 times!

    The unit's unique set of features includes analogue limiters, three hardware reference levels up to +24 dBu, MADI and ADAT I/O up to 192 kHz, 6.3 mm TRS and D-sub inputs, remote control via MIDI, and operation across a wide range of mains voltages, all packed into a 2U enclosure. An extraordinary limiter, conceived and optimised for professional studio, stage, and broadcast applications, offers essential operational safety with its capability to limit an input's overload of up to 17 dB without audible distortion (max. input level + 30 dBu).

    The M-32 AD offers an outstanding AD conversion to MADI and ADAT formats in a compact 2U high, 19 inch rackmount unit. The balanced analogue inputs based on RME's reference design from the ADI-8 QS guarantee excellent S/N and THD specs across a wide analogue level range. Three different hardware levels are available. Using up-to-date converter technology, the device not only works up to 192 kHz, but also reaches a real-world signal-to-noise ratio of 116 dBA - on all channels.

    SteadyClock™ guarantees perfect sound quality through efficient jitter suppression, making the device completely independent from the quality of external clock signals. Intelligent Clock Control not only displays every clock status by means of flashing LEDs, but will also retain the last valid input sample rate in case of failure of the external source. Other renowned RME technologies like SyncCheck allow quick detection of clock problems.

    All M-series converters are fully remote controllable and configurable via MIDI. Each unit's complete status can be monitored, including all the front panel's displays. Individual IDs can be set for each unit, for separated control of multiple units via a single MIDI channel. Control software for Mac and PC is supplied and allows easy remote control, also with MIDI transfer via MADI (MIDI Extender).

    M-32 AD has optical and coaxial MADI inputs. In case of failure of an input signal, the source is switched immediately, if a valid signal is present on the other input.

    The M-32 AD's four ADAT outputs provide simple connectivity with other studio equipment. A combination with RME's HDSPe RayDAT makes a perfect partnership, allowing the transfer of 32 channels into a Mac or PC with regular optical Toslink cables at an unbeatable price. The converter's ADAT input only serves as an optional source for external synchronisation.

    All settings are retained when the unit is powered off.

    The MADI input serves as optional external clock source, but also as MADI pass-through input. Since the M-32 AD uses only 32 channels of the MADI signal, unused channels of the input signal are fed through to the output. This way, the signals of two or more units can be combined into one MADI stream of 64 channels, with every unit adding its channels to the input signal, resulting in one line at the output of the last unit.

    M-32 AD can be freely combined up to a total of 64 channels. One M-32 AD can be combined with one or two M-16 AD, as can be up to four M-16 AD. Of course, the units can be synced with sample accuracy by word clock.

    The number of channels that can be achieved with MADI depends on the sample rate range. At 48 kHz there are up to 64 channels, at 96 kHz 32, at 192 kHz 16 channels. Therefore at 192 kHz the M-32 AD can only work as 16 channel converter.

    The number of channels that can be achieved with ADAT depends on the sample rate range. At 48 kHz there are 8 channels per port, at 96 kHz 4, at 192 kHz 2 channels. Therefore at 192 kHz the M-32 AD can convert only 8 channels via its four ADAT ports.

    Technical Specifications

    Input AD: 1/4 inch TRS jack and 25 pin D-sub, servo balanced, completely symmetrical audio path
    Output AD: 4 x ADAT optical, 1 x MADI optical/coaxial
    Dynamic Range AD: 113 dB RMS unweighted, 116 dBA
    THD AD: < -110 dB (< 0.00032 %)
    THD+N AD: < -104 dB (< 0.00063 %)
    Crosstalk AD: > 130 dB
    Input level for 0 dBFS: +24 dBu, +19 dBu, +13 dBu
    Frequency response AD, -0.1 dB: 10 Hz - 23.2 kHz (sf 48 kHz)
    Frequency response AD, -0.5 dB: < 5 Hz - 45 kHz (sf 96 kHz)
    Frequency response AD, -1 dB: < 5 Hz - 80 kHz (sf 192 kHz)
    Sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz, variable (Sync/WC)
    Jitter: Typical < 1 ns for internal, Word Clock, ADAT and MADI input
    Jitter sensitivity: all PLLs operate error-free even at 100 ns
    Jitter suppression: > 30 dB (2.4 kHz)
    Power supply: Internal switching mode PS, 100V - 240V AC, 60 Watt
    Dimensions: (WxHxD) 483 x 88 x 200 mm


    M-32 AD: 32 x Analog In
    1 x MADI I/O (optical and coaxial)
    4 x ADAT Out (TOSLINK)
    1 x ADAT In (Sync only)
    MIDI I/O (5-pin DIN)
    Word Clock I/O (BNC)

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