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Your choice of headphones depends on what you wish to use them for. At Absolute Music we stock a wide variety of the best studio and DJ headphones, from entry-level to professional studio and critical listening applications. Generally speaking, the closed-back variety are used in situations where isolation from the outside world is required - eg. whilst recording with microphones, to stop "spill" from the headphones getting recorded, or in live situations where you only want to hear the headphone mix.

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Open-backed headphones can't be used in these situations, but are generally much better for critical listening and mixing as the sound they deliver is more natural and less coloured due to their open design. Semi-open headphones sit between these two types and can be used for both applications to a greater or lesser extent, so may be better if you are looking for an “all-round” pair of headphones. So once you know which type of headphones are right for you, use the filters on this page to narrow down your selection, and if you require any further advice please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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