ProjectSAM True Strike 1 & 2 Bundle Orchestral Percussion Library

ProjectSAM True Strike 1 & 2 Bundle Orchestral Percussion Library

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ProjectSAM True Strike 1 and 2 Bundle is a virtual percussion instrument bundle with featuring ProjectSAM True Strike 1, True Strike 2 and Kontakt Sample Player.

  • ProjectSAM True Strike 1 and 2 Bundle Orchestral Percussion Library

    ProjectSAM True Strike 1 & 2 Bundle is a virtual percussion instrument bundle with featuring ProjectSAM True Strike 1, True Strike 2 and Kontakt Sample Player.

    Main Features

    • Orchestral, world and effects percussion instrument libraries
    • Perfect for film, TV, and game composers
    • Offers 51 orchestral percussion instruments, 30 world and 28 effects percussion instruments
    • Instruments in multiple concert hall mic positions
    • Includes Native Instruments Kontakt player
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    When you're composing for film, TV, or video games, you need powerful percussion samples. Your drum sounds just have to 'hit', and they must feel cinematic and moving. That's why ProjectSAM put together True Strike. These percussion libraries focuses on orchestral percussion, offering up 51 orchestral percussion instruments and over 30 world and 28 effects percussion instruments. All of the orchestral instruments feature multiple concert hall mic positions, so you can dial in the best sound possible for your project. It has everything you need to create the perfect percussion track for your next chase sequence or horror scene. You'll also find the world sounds perfect for cultural scenes. This True Strike bundle comes with the Native Instruments Kontakt player.
    This new, re-released version of True Strike 1 and 2 have been completely re-designed for the Kontakt format and comes with Native Instruments Kontakt Player 3.5. New features include a re-structured instrument list, a streamlined audio pool and a custom interface with on-screen ADSR control, instrument information and other options.
    The timpani is one of the biggest instrument banks found in True Strike. You will find an extensive list of playing techniques: up to 6 dynamics, sustained and dampened notes, tremolo, tremolo crescendo in three lenghts, crescendo-decrescendo and hard mallet fortissimo. Suspenseful special effects such as pedal bends and cymbal/bowl on timpani.
    Gran casa and snares
    True Strike is aimed at cinematic use. Therefore the gran casa and snare ensemble are the most powerful and deep recordings you will find. Load up the stage or far microphone set and scare those aliens back to their home world. The library also includes single snare drum (snares on and off), military drum and field drum samples.
    Ensemble hits
    One of the most popular patches in True Strike is the Ensemble Hits bank. These are ensemble recordings of gran casa and low-tuned timpani playing together. Big and bad.
    Melodic instruments
    True Strike covers five melodic percussion instruments: glockenspiel, marimba, vibraphone, tubular bells and celesta. This last, beautiful instrument is the very first sampled in a concert hall and offered in 3 microphone positions.
    Small percussion
    True Strike offers an extensive set of small percussion instruments, among which 4 woodblocks, 5 temple blocks, whip, barchimes, belltree, 4 cowbells, triangle, tambourine, castanets and sleighbells.
    Trailer Bangs
    One of the highlights in True Strike 2 is the Big Bang Menu. This sample bank offers you ground-shaking hits, both natural performances, such as gran casa a deux, as well as stacked and processed hits. Words can only describe so much, so listen to the demos to know exactly what we mean by 'ground-shaking'. If you are working on a powerful action cue, True Strike 2's Big Bangs are your main ingredient.
    World Percussion
    For True Strike 2, over 52 individual world percussion instruments have been sampled, covering the following regions: Japanese/Asian, African and European/Turkish. You will find okedo (taiko) drums, doundoun, udu, gomee, brekete, darabukas, bowls, bendirs, chappa from various regions, atarigane, kangagui bells and cajon. For all main instruments various idiomatic phrases are available. All world instruments have been recorded in studio or stage environments and are available in two microphone sets: close and room.
    Bowed metal
    True Strike 2 gives you bone-chilling recordings of bowed cymbal, china, vibraphone and crotales. Recorded in a concert hall, you get to choose between an agressive, direct sound that you can process yourself, or an ambient, distant sound that will fit into your suspense cue right away.
    Prepared piano
    One of True Strike 2's special features is the prepared concert grand piano. Recorded in an ambient concert hall using 3 mic positions, this set includes plucked snares, both sustained and dampened struck snares and a barrage of prepared piano effects such as glissandi, clusters, brush hits, wooden hits, hand-struck hits and much more.
    Dystopian effects
    True Strike 2 does not only focus on acoustic sounds. The library comes with an impressive set of sound-designed and processed effects. Over two 88-note keyboards worth of otherworldly hits, scapes and spheres are at your disposal. These are unique and instantly inspiring sounds that you will start using from day one.
    This library holds one big melodic bonus for you: a fully sampled, 3 GB cimbalom recorded in 3 velocities with 4 alternates for every single stroke, sustained and dampened notes as well as tremolo, slap and special effects. Available in 2 microphone sets, this is the most realistic cimbalom sample you have encountered yet.

    System Requirements:
    Hardware Requirements - Mac: Intel Core Duo 1.66GHz, 1GB RAM, OS X 10.6-10.7
    Hardware Requirements - PC: Pentium or Athlon XP 1.4GHz, 1GB RAM, Windows Vista, XP
    Supported Plug-In Formats: VST, RTAS, AU, Standalone
    NOTE: TRUE STRIKE 1 v1.1 and TRUE STRIKE 2 v1.1 updates require Kontakt 5 or Kontakt Player 5! This means PowerPC Macs are no longer supported.

    We recommend that you check the manufacturers website to check compatibility of this product with your particular system as software cannot be refunded if unsealed. You can also contact our sales team for information.

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