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    Radio lets you stream and sample from a diverse list of internet radio stations, both inside and outside of your DAW. Use Radio as a plugin within your DAW when you are feeling creative, and use it as a standalone application when you simply want to listen to the radio.

    Once you launch Radio, you can select from a carefully curated list of online stations. The station presets are diverse and include a balance of comedy, sci-fi, police scanners, ambient, spoken word, paranormal and many more, so it’s easy to find something unexpected!

    Simple to Use

    Radio records the last 30 seconds of any streamed material. Once you hear something you like, select it, save it and drag it into your DAW. Finding new samples to inspire your music has never been done like this before!

    The onboard FX section lends Radio the authentic air of real consumer equipment, with 24 processors to make your feed sound like it’s coming through a genuine tube radio speaker, car stereo, phone or another device.

    Radio stations focus on diversity, which will keep you coming back for new inspirational material.


    • Buffer audio within Radio for sampling, or record everything in your DAW
    • Simply select clips from Radio’s display to save them permanently for later use
    • Drag and drop sampled clips from the plugin to your DAW
    • 24 FX emulations including vintage radios, car and portable stereos, small speakers and phones

    Online Radio Features:

    • Station categories include Blues, World, Comedy, Chillout, Religious…
    • Curated station lists are maintained as web addresses change
    • Add your own station using a URL
    • Random button for radio station roulette
    • Featured station updated daily

    System Requirements


    • OS X 10.7 and later (32-bit and 64-bit compatible)


    • Audio Units (AU)
    • VST
    • Standalone Application


    • Windows 7 and later (32-bit and 64-bit compatible)


    • AAX
    • VST
    • Standalone Application

    Important Notes: 

    • Radio is designed for listening to the radio while you work or for inspirational purposes.  
    • The copyright of all sources remains with the creator, publisher or other rights holder.   
    • If you want to use any sound material recorded from Radio you will need permission from the rights holder. 
    • You should ensure that you comply with any legal restrictions for recording streamed audio that may exist in your country.


    • Native OSX Platforms
    • Native PC Platforms

    Latest Version:

    • 1.1.5

    Operating System:

    • OSX
    • PC


    • 32bit
    • 64bit

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