Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms KB-1 Eurorack Controller Module

Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms KB-1 Eurorack Controller Module

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Shape your music like never before with the Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms KB-1: a fresh look at controlling your Eurorack modular system.

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    Shape your music like never before with the Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms KB-1: a fresh look at controlling your Eurorack modular system.

    Main Features

    • Richly featured controller in Eurorack format
    • 1 octave pressure sensitive keyboard
    • Versatile arpeggiator with multiple modes
    • 64 note step sequencer with step modifiers
    • 2 assignable trigger buttons
    • Programmable voltage memory buttons
    • Multiple clocking options
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    The Lifeforms KB-1 provides a multi-function, expressive, capacitive touch keyboard designed for performance. The KB-1 contains a powerful one octave pressure sensitive keyboard complete with arpeggiator, step sequencer, preset voltage memory array, and a pair of multi-mode trigger pads. Eleven patchable outputs and a deep feature set enable you to cover new sonic territory with an unprecedented level of control.

    Take Control of Your Modular Synthesizer
    Monophonic and Duophonic response modes with user-selectable note priority and retrigger options let you customise the KB-1 specifically to your needs. Octave buttons provide quick keyboard transposition for a wide sonic range. Monophonic mode allows you to perform soaring leads, buttery basslines with legato, or classic arpeggios. Or, take control of two separate oscillators in Duophonic mode to create rich soundscapes, complex drones, lush pads, and thundering bass. Along with immersive keyboard features, there is also a powerful ten note arpeggiator and sixty four note sequencer, each focused around playability, empowering you to craft inspiring melodies, or utilise the stepped voltage as control for other parameters, such as filter frequency or VCA control.

    The Next Step
    The Lifeforms KB-1 features a playable, ten note arpeggiator. This robust arpeggiator can cycle through one to three octaves. The arpeggiator in the Lifeforms KB-1 contains three different arpeggiator modes, including single or double note trigger, and random monophonic or duophonic note cycling with random gates. Probability gate burst mode can trigger additional random gates to add complexity to arpeggios. This feature, unique to the Lifeforms KB-1, enables you to have rolling pulses divided by the clock source, allowing for dramatic rhythmic variations of your sequence.

    A feature-packed sixty four step sequencer with multiple play modes gives you precise control over the cycling of your sequence. Sequences can be played forward, reverse, or random. Sequences are quickly created by step programming and each step can have one of six step modifiers, pitch bend, tie, single trigger, double trigger, quad trigger, and whole note. Once the sequence is complete, the first note of a sequence can be shifted back or forward, resulting in generating new sequences out of your initial performance. Probability gate burst mode is also available to sequences adding realtime complexity to a performance.

    Express Yourself
    The two assignable trigger buttons enable you to unleash your creative potential in new ways. Trigger 1 and trigger 2 can be independently assigned to one of six different functions including pressure sensitive pitch bend, gate, latch enable/disable, trigger, pressure sensitive probability trigger burst generator, and a pressure sensitive clock divider.

    Preset Voltage Memories
    The programmable voltage memory section can function as a four channel sequencer, cycling forward, reverse, randomly, or the active channel can be selected manually allowing the section to function as a 4 channel voltage memory. Voltages are unquantised analogue voltages offering infinite resolution between 0 and 5 volts.

    On the Beat
    Multiple clocking options are available to drive the different sections of the KB-1. The master clock within the Lifeforms KB-1 can be clocked internally via tap tempo or from an external clock source such as a sequencer, square wave, trigger, or clock divider. This allows you to either play on your own, or perform locked in time with external devices.

    Module Specifications
    Panel size: 42hp
    Depth: 38mm
    Power consumption: 160mA with reversed power polarity protection

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