Overloud Mark Studio 2 Bass Amp Plug-In (Download)

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The Overloud Mark Studio 2 includes a selection of authentically modelled Markbass heads and cabinets for your DAW.

  • Overloud Mark Studio 2 Bass Amp Plug-In (Download)

    The Overloud Mark Studio 2 includes a selection of authentically modelled Markbass heads and cabinets for your DAW.

    Main Features

    • Six top-class Markbass amp models and nine Markbass cabinets
    • Full set of pedlaboard effects for bass
    • Choice of 6 microphones, plus a preset combination of 2 front microphones
    • Faithful reproduction of every characteristic and nuance of Markbass amps and cabinets
    • Ultra-flexible signal path makes it easy to balance the Direct (plugin) input, Line Out (amp direct Out) and Mic Output levels
    • Each mic/cabinet combination has been recorded in a high-end studio by the best Italian sound engineers
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    What's the smallest, most powerful bass amp in the world? The Mark Studio 2! This exciting software gives you 6 Markbass heads, 9 Markbass cabinets and a rich pedalboard to complete your rig and unleash your creativity.

    The Mark Studio 2 plugin has been designed to faithfully simulate the sound of Markbass amplification in any DAW application or live situation. No matter what kind of bass you use, the Mark Studio 2 plugin will always give you a very musical array of bass sound choices. It's an indispensable tool to anyone who records on a computer and wants to improve the sound of the bass either during or after recording.

    This flexible plug-in allows use of more than one microphone at a time for example: main (woofer), tweeter and, where applicable, rear bass reflex (port). It also allows for automation of any parameter and includes full MIDI support along with an extensive set of top quality presets to get you started.

    Six Top-Class Markbass Amp Models
    TA501, R500, Classic 300, TTE500, Little Mark Tube and MoMark

    Nine Markbass Cabinets
    STD 151HR (rear-ported 1x15 inch), STD 152HR (rear-ported 2x15 inch), STD 104HR (rear-ported 1x15 inch), STD 104HF (front-ported 4x10 inch), STD 106HF (front-ported 6x10 inch), Classic 108 (sealed 8x10 inch), Traveler 121H (front-ported 1x12 inch), New York 804 (front-ported 4x inch) and New York 122 (front-ported 2x12 inch)

    TA501 500W Bass Head
    The popular TA501 amp head helps to smooth out your sound with a high-quality onboard tube compressor, featuring a JJ Electronics ECC81 tube. Tone-wise, your sound is warmed up by the tube even when the compressor is off. It also includes foot-switchable mute-to-tune, an EQ bypass, ground lift to eliminate hum, exclusive Markbass' VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) and VPF (Variable Pre-shape Filter) filters, and high-quality Neutrik Speakon Combo out jacks for use with 1/4 inch or Speakon speaker cables.

    Classic 300 300W Tube Bass Head
    The Markbass Classic 300 bass amp's heart beats with the power of JJ Electronics tubes--2 ECC83 preamp tubes, 2 ECC99 tubes, and 6 KT88 power tubes--which give you the warmth and fullness of the great old amps that are now aging or retired. A massive 300W of tube-driven power will handle just about any venue imaginable.

    But times have changed, and this bass head comes with a brain: an onboard microprocessor re-biases your tubes every time you start up the Markbass Classic amp.

    R500 500W Bass Head
    The Markbass R500 is a bass amplifier head that will have you rocking out old-school, rocking hard, creating your own alternative rock, or shredding up the stage stealing the spotlight from your guitarists! The 500W analogue R500 amp (at 4 ohms: 300W at 8 ohms) features a tube preamp that will break up just the way you want it to, and a newly designed limiter that produces glorious distortion instead of cramping your style. The simple 4-band EQ gives you all you need to access a wide range of sounds for any genre. As far as controls, the Gain knob is for the amount of tube overdrive, whereas the Master knob is for your volume.

    Little Mark Tube 500W Solid State/Tube Head
    The Little Mark Tube gives the warmth and richness of a tube preamp, or the clean attack of a solid state preamp: or a mix of both! Additional features include solid-state/tube mix control, four bands of equalization, VLE and VPF filters, line out level control, pre-post EQ switch for the XLR out (on rear panel), and mute control (push-pull on the master knob).

    TTE 500 500W Tube Head

    'Modern Vintage' may seem to be an oxymoron, but it sums up the unique new TTE 500 well. Current technology is brought together with classic tone concepts in a head that looks and sounds vintage but features some special adaptations of the innovations that put the Markbass on the map! The classic sound comes from an old-style tube preamp, a tube compressor, a simple 3-band passive EQ section, a 'Colour' filter (a tube adaptation of the famous Markbass VLE control), and an innovative Tube Technology Emulator power amp.

    MoMark with T1M-HE preamp, EQ7G tone control and MVVL-HE master control
    The awesome high-end components and gold-plated circuits of the T1M-HE tube preamp module give it an exceptional sound fidelity. Its tube glorifies the harmonics, reproducing every detail of the instrument's tone with exceptional definition, offering tube warmth without distortion. This module also features a handy mute switch.

    The stylish Eq7G module features seven bands of graphic equalization, set at 40 Hz, 80 Hz, 250 Hz, 400 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz, and 4 kHz. Illuminated by yellow LEDs, this graphic EQ allows you to 'see' your tone shaping on any dark stage!

    This high-end MoMark module features master volume control, the trademark Markbass VLE and VPF filters, and Line Out level control. Gold-plated circuitry and the highest level of components make the MVVL-HE the master module of choice for discriminating 'audiophile' bassists. This module completes the 'high end' set of MoMark modules, along with the T1MHE and S1M-HE preamp modules and the EQ44S-HE EQ module.

    Mark Studio 2 Pedalboard
    Mark Studio 2 features a pedalboard which covers any bass player needs.

    A synthesizer which produces two extra voices, one octave and two octave below the original.

    The Envelope Filter delivers classic, analogue, envelope filter sounds in an easy-to-use and compact pedal designed specifically for bass.

    A state-of-the-art tube compression tool which allows to shape the dynamics of the bass track.

    By focusing the overdrive in the midrange, it retains low-end thunder and high-end sizzle while distorted mids blaze a path through even the densest mix.

    All-analogue pedal using bucket-brigade circuitry to create classically lush, liquid textures that you just can't get with digital circuitry.

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