Novation Mininova and Volca Beats Bundle

Novation Mininova and Volca Beats Bundle

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Great synth bundle featuring Novation's Mininova synth/controller and the compact Korg Volca Beats rhythm machine.

  • * SPECIAL OFFER * Novation Mininova and Volca Beats Bundle

    Great synth bundle featuring Novation's Mininova synth/controller and the compact Korg Volca Beats rhythm machine.

    Main Features

    • Hugely powerful mini-synth with UltraNova's sound engine
    • Classic Novation Nova soundsets
    • Brand new VocalTune and classic vocoder effects
    • Real analogue drum sounds created with reference to classic rhythm machines
    • Six editable analogue drum parts with one knob per function for easy editing
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    Package consists of:

    • 1 x Novation MiniNova Synthesizer
    • 1 x Korg Volca Beats Analogue Rhythm Machine

    Novation MiniNova Synthesizer

    The Novation MiniNova is a compact, super-cool performance synth with the same sound engine as its big brother: the Ultra Nova. It comes with 256 incredible onboard sounds which you can tweak with 5 knobs, or totally warp with 8 'animate' buttons. MiniNova also has an onboard VocaiTune effect as well as a classic vocoder so you can recreate iconic vocal sounds from Hip Hop, Urban and electronic music.

    Is MiniNova for you?
    MiniNova's compact size, massive sound and performance/editing controls make it perfect for producers, gigging musicians and anyone creating music with computers - it's also a 37 key controller keyboard with MIDI I/O. The VocaiTune and vocoder enable you to recreate classic vocal effects, as well as brand new voice-bending possibilities!

    Choose your sound
    MiniNova has 256 on board sounds and space to save another 128 of your own sounds. You can quickly search for sounds by selecting the type of music you're making, or the type of sound you're after whether it's bass, lead, hip hop or techno. Mini Nova comes with a free software Patch Librarian so you can store as many sounds as you want on your computer. If 256 is not enough, there are numerous soundpacks for MiniNova assembled by renowned artists and sound designers.

    Tweak, warp and arpeggiate your sound
    MiniNova can do things other synths can't. It has knobs which allow you to tweak and edit the sounds, but it can also 'animate' sound with 8 back-lit buttons. These trigger 'mods' in the synth engine that can warp sound in incredible ways as you play. There is also a large knob for filter cutoff so you can get instant control of the filter whatever else you are doing. MiniNova has an arpeggiator, you can use the 8 buttons to jam with arpeggios creating totally new sequences in realtime.

    Classic & brand-new vocal effects
    MiniNova takes vocal effects one step further. As well as a vocoder, it has VocaiTune. This means you can talk into the mic and play the tune you want your voice to follow on the keyboard recreating those classic Hip Hop / Urban vocal effects. You can also run your voice through Mini Nova's effects engine, adding reverb, distortion, chorus/phase, gator, compression or EQ. This doesn't need to be limited to your voice though, there is an input which you can plug a guitar or any other instrument into and give it the same effects or vocoder treatment.

    The synth engine & effects
    MiniNova has an enormously powerful synth engine, unheard of in such a compact synth. There are 14 conventional waveforms to choose from (square, sine, sawtooth, pulse, triangle and combinations), 36 wavetables and 20 digital waveforms. Each of the 3 oscillators (per voice) have density/detune for fattening up sounds, virtual sync and 'hardness'- which acts as an additional lowpass filter. There are 14 filter types (and you can run 2 simultaneously), 6 envelope generators, 3 LFOs and 20 modulation slots where you can link modules of the synth engine together to shape sound. Mini Nova can add up to 5 effects to each voice including distortion, reverb, chorus/ phase, delay, compressor, EQ and Novation's unique gator effect.

    Editing software included
    Editing sounds in such a powerful synth can be overwhelming, so Novation have created a software application gives you visual access to the synth engine. The Mini Nova Editor works as a plug-in within your DAW or music software. You can fully edit MiniNova using the hardware, the software just makes it simpler to see what you are doing.

    Dimensions and Weight
    Dimensions (W x D x H): 560 x 75 x 250 mm / 22.04 x 2.95 x 9.84 inches
    Weight: 2.52 Kgs / 5.55 lbs

    Korg Volca Beats Analogue Rhythm Machine

    Mini analogue drum machine with real analogue classic drum sounds, 16-step sequencer, additional PCM sound engine, plus SYNC and MIDI inputs.
    Even today, more than thirty years after the age dominated by analogue synthesizers, EDM producers just can't let go of the sound of analogue rhythm machines. Those thick sounds have the power to stand up to guitar and acoustic drums, and are still indispensable for track-making or live performance. The volca Beats gives you those analogue drums plus the easy-to-use step sequencer of the Electribe - it lets you turn your inspiration into reality and generate beats with the best high quality sounds.

    Loop sequencer distilled from the Electribe series
    Electribe-style 16-step sequencer with eight memory patches
    Stutter function generates repeated triggers that dramatically change the sequence
    Active Step function generates new bass lines by removing or inserting steps.
    Step Jump function instantly plays only the step you're pressing

    Convenient functions for incredible ease of use
    Sync In and Out allows clock sync of multiple instruments from the volca Series as well as Korg's Monotribe
    MIDI In for note entry, plus external sync and control from your DAW
    Go-anywhere analogue: play anywhere with the built-in speaker and optional battery power

    SYNC jack and MIDI IN connector allow synchronized performance with multiple units or with your DAW
    By using the sync jack you can enjoy synchronized playback with multiple volcas or with a monotribe. You can also use the SyncKontrol iPhone app to wirelessly control tap tempo, swing settings, and synchronized playback with iOS music apps via WIST.

    The MIDI IN connector lets you synchronize with other devices, as well as play the volca from any MIDI keyboard. You can also send note messages from your DAW and use the volca as an analogue sound module.

    With its compact size, battery operation, and built-in speaker, it's easy to take the volca anywhere and perform any time.

    Volca Beats : SPECIFICATIONS

    Keyboard - Multi touch trigger pad / step key

    Synthesizer Type:
    Analog synthesis (Kick, Snare, Hi Tom, Lo Tom, Closed Hi Hat/Open Hi Hat)
    PCM synthesis (Clap, Claves, Agogo, Crash)

    Kick: Click, Pitch, Decay, Part Level
    Snare: Snappy, Pitch, Decay, Part Level
    Tom: Hi Pitch, Lo Pitch, Decay, Part Level
    Hi Hat: Closed Decay, Open Decay, Grain, Part Level
    PCM: PCM Speed, Part Level


    Number of Parts: 10
    Number of Steps: 16
    Number of Recording Patterns: 8


    Audio Output: Headphones (3.5mm stereo mini jack)

    Sync In (1/8 inch monaural mini jack, Maximum input level: 20V)
    Sync Out (1/8 inch monaural mini jack, Maximum Output level: 5V)

    MIDI: In


    Power supply:
    6 AA alkaline or AA nickel-metal hydride batteries
    or KA-350 AC adapter (optional)
    Battery Life: Approximately 10 hours (using alkaline batteries)

    Dimensions (W x D x H) - 193 × 115 ×45 mm / 7.61 x 4.54 x 1.78 inches

    Weight - 372 g / 0.82lbs (Excluding batteries)

    KA-350 AC adapter

    AA alkaline battery ×6 (for verifying operation)

    Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice for improvement.

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  • Additional Information

    Condition New
    On demo in store No
    Brand Novation
    Keyboard Type Synth
    Number of keys 37
    Keyboard Action Synth Action