Novation Impulse 25 USB MIDI Controller keyboard and V-Station Virtual Synth

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The Novation Impulse 25 is a professional USB/MIDI controller with a 25 note keyboard, drum pads and full control surface functionality. It also comes with a brand new version of Novation's award-winning Automap control software, which makes getting hands-on with your DAW/plug-ins fast and simple.The ultra-responsive keyboard is semi-weighted with aftertouch and the 8 drum pads are backlit allowing you to roll beats, warp arpeggios and launch clips in Ableton.

  • Novation Impulse 25 USB MIDI Controller keyboard and V-Station Virtual Synth

    Main Features

    • 25 note Precision semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch (pro feel with high performance scan-rate)
    • Professional control surface - full control of your DAW including mixer, transport and plug-ins
    • Novation's Automap control software makes it fast and simple to assign knobs, faders and buttons to your music software
    • Back-lit drum pads allow you to warp arpeggios and improvise with rhythm patterns - they also launch clips in Ableton
    • Large LCD screen displays control information
    • Comes with a free copy of Novation's V-Station virtual synth, normally £45.00
    • Expression and sustain pedal inputs as well as MIDI in and out ports for connecting external MIDI instruments


    Novation Impulse 25 USB MIDI Controller keyboard

    The ultra-responsive 25 note keyboard is semi-weighted with aftertouch so it feels like a musical instrument. Impulse 25 enables highly expressive playing styles due to its high scan-rate. This means it sends very accurate information about your playing style to your music software, translating subtle differences in dynamics extremely effectively. You can add further character to your performance with the pitch and modulation wheels. The 8 drum pads are perfect for sketching beats and triggering samples, but they do so much more: All 8 are back-lit with multi-coloured LEDs which means they can step through arpeggiator sequences, allowing you to warp and change the pattern in real time! There is also a beat roll function, which enables you to improvise with drum patterns on the fly. In addition to this, the drum pads can be used to trigger clips in Ableton Live. They light up yellow if a clip is loaded, green if it is playing and red if it is set to record.

    Impulse 25 is designed to give you full hands-on control of your music-making software. The knobs, faders and buttons give you control over your DAW's mixer as well as plug-in instruments and effects. The included Automap control software has been designed solely to connect hardware controls to your software – even VST/AU/RTAS instruments and effects that don't come bundled with your DAW. The large custom LCD screen shows important information about what you are controlling and Impulse 25 has transport buttons that allow you to play, stop, record, loop and move forwards and backwards in your software.

    Impulse 25 can be USB powered from your computer or, if you want to power it independently, you can use a simple USB power adapter (not included). There are expression and sustain pedal inputs on the rear panel and it has MIDI in and out ports so you can use it as a USB-MIDI interface. This means that you can control external MIDI instruments with Impulse 25 and you can also use it to enable your music software to trigger external MIDI instruments.

    Enjoy Three Years Of Warranty
    Wherever you happen to be in the world, you can rely on a two-year warranty if any Novation hardware needs repairing or replacing due to a manufacturing fault. Novation will send you replacement gear in the UK and the US, and they'll cover the shipping costs both ways. In the UK, they'll send you a replacement before you return your hardware to them.

    Novation V-Station Virtual Analogue Poly Synth

    The V-Station gets the same real 3-oscillator flexibility as the award winning K-Station, with awesome liquid analogue filters, 8-voice polyphony, rippin' simultaneous FX and the kind of phatt sounds only a genuine Novation synth can offer. It's got masses of sophistication, acres of program locations and the flexibility of integrating it with your favourite sequencer/disc-based recording set-up.

    And getting the best from the new V-Station is easy. All the primary sound-shaping controls are there on the main screen - clear, concise and refreshingly simple. Recall a named factory preset, tweak it to get 'your sound' and instantly save it in any of the 400 program locations. Need more? Just click and you'll find additional functions and controls on the other three screens.

    For ultimate flexibility, why not partner a V-Station with one of Novation's award-winning hardware synths? As sounds created in the V-Station can be downloaded into the K-Station and vice versa, harmonising your gigging/studio set-ups and building mega-sound libraries is snap.

    Three powerful oscillators provide all the classic waveforms, including a sine wave for those sub-bass floor-shaking grooves. All waveforms feature a 'Double' facility which provides twin waveforms with no loss of polyphony. Oscillators may be set to Unison or Synced operation and can utilise FM for the generation of metallic or percussive timbres. A noise source is also included in the waveform engine.

    Delivering the rich liquid sound of an analogueue filter. Selectable low-pass, 12dB or 24dB cut-off curves with resonance and overdrive make it easy to recreate anything from a distorted TB303 to tight, rounded bass patch.

    The V-Station delivers eight voices for each instance that is used. Call up an instance of the V-Station and there are immediately a further eight voices available with a new sound if desired. This ability to use multiple 'instances' allows the V-Station to run as many multi-timbral parts as the power of the host computer will allow.

    set the industry standard with the famed Supernova synthesizer for providing a complete set of powerful effects on each part on the multi-timbral synthesizer. The V-Station adopts this sound structure which makes for six simultaneous effects per instance. The effects include a distortion unit that adds edge for harder sounds, a synchronised stereo chorus or phaser for spatial effects and a reverb that adds an extra dimension of realism. A synchronised panner and the delay engine complete the comprehensive line-up.

    An arpeggiator with programmable speed, synchronisation and sweep range is available within each instance. Comprehensive synchronisation of time-based effects can be easily implemented. For example the delay effect may be set to a quarter note repeat whilst another LFO (built in to the effects unit) can sweep the phaser every two bars. All parameters respond to MIDI controllers which can be recorded in realtime on a track on the selected sequencer - set up a few instances, hit a single key and trigger a wall of sound. All running arpeggiators and LFOs can be individually synchronised to MIDI clock in different time signatures.

    Covering a huge sonic range from searing leads to passionate pads, from delicate electric pianos to phatt funky bass. They're all there.

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    Brand Novation
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    Number of keys 25