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Make new electronic music in seconds, with the Novation Circuit: a standalone groove box that combines Nova-heritage synths with expertly sculpteddrums.

  • Novation Circuit Groovebox

    Make new electronic music in seconds, with the Novation Circuit: a standalone groove box that combines Nova-heritage synths with expertly sculpted drums.

    Main Features

    • 2-part Nova-heritage analogue-modelled synthesiser with a 4-part drum machine
    • 4x8 grid of RGB, velocity-sensitive sequencer pads
    • MiniNova spec oscillator types and updated with new wavetables
    • Tweak using 8 synth macro encoders with RGB LEDs
    • Combine up to 128 steps of synth and drum patterns
    • Add amazing delay and reverb effects
    • Add your samples with Sample Import
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    Want some instant electronic inspiration? Get on board with the Novation Circuit – the standalone groove box which makes creativity second nature. Start making music in seconds – with Nova-heritage synths, expertly sculpted drums or your own samples.

    It's all about the hands-on experience. Hit the pads, tweak the knobs. Layer the parts, adjust the effects. With its compact design, battery power and built-in speakers, Circuit can be used to make music entirely on its own – anytime, anywhere. Likewise, sync to your computer and session hardware, and use your own samples for full DAW connectivity.

    It's a beat-dropping, heart-stopping musical brainstorm in a box. Grab the moment. The only question you'll ask is: how did I ever live without it?

    Novation have introduced version 1.8 firmware for the Circuit adding the following new features:

    Non-Quantised Recording
    The ability to record 'off the grid' has long been one of the most requested features by Circuit users, and now, with firmware v1.8, you can capture synth and drum tracks directly to microsteps, representing even your most rhythmically complex ideas in all their atemporal glory. From wonky Dilla-style beats and quick-fire fills to authentic-sounding strums and beyond, non-quantised recording takes Circuit to new heights of musicality.

    Synth Microstep Editing
    As well as recording your synth lines without quantise, you can now also edit them at the microstep level. With six microsteps to every full step, you've got plenty of resolution for repositioning notes off the grid, enabling the programming of subtle timing tweaks, fast triplets and more.

    Per-Note Velocity Tracking
    Prior to firmware v1.8, all Synth notes falling on the same step were always set to the same velocity. Now, not only will notes recorded over other notes on the same step maintain their velocities independently, but you can manually edit those velocities after the fact. In conjunction with non-quantised recording, per-note velocity tracking makes Circuit more expressive and versatile than ever.

    Assignable MIDI Channels
    Ever wished you could change Circuit's MIDI channel assignments from their defaults? Now you can! Firmware v1.8 lets you set Synth 1, Synth 2 and Drums to whichever MIDI channels you like, from 1 to 15, for increased flexibility when integrating Circuit into your broader studio setup.

    Ideas in Seconds. Tracks in Minutes.
    Circuit inspires, straight out the box. Combining two-part synthesiser and a four-part drum machine with a 4x8 RGB velocity-sensitive grid sequencer – you'll be finding new musical directions and creating electronic grooves in no time.

    Standalone Creativity
    Compact, battery powered and with built-in speakers, Circuit is about getting creative whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. Build entire tunes from scratch without a laptop, then save them and play them back live. Of course, Circuit will also plug in to your sound system and work with your computer and other synth gear too.

    Cutting-edge Sound
    Deep bass lines, epic leads and warm pads – explore a new world of electronic sound at your fingertips. Building on our Nova heritage, Circuit delivers cutting-edge sound with production-ready monophonic and polyphonic patches full of character.

    Build Ideas Quickly
    Take control with Circuit's intuitive interface. The split grid shows your steps and notes at the same time, so you can sequence and play while seeing exactly what's going on – programme each step or capture your performance in real-time.

    Circuit Components
    Supported by an online suite of tools that is constantly evolving, take advantage of regular updates and new functionality to customise your Circuit. For example, simply drag and drop samples onto Circuit with Sample Import, using the streamlined browser-based Web MIDI workflow, and create your own sound library.

    Searching for the perfect beat?
    Velocity-sensitive RGB pads let you quickly build expressive drum beats, by step sequencing or playing live across a wide range of drum sounds. Define your sound with real-time control over pitch, decay, distortion, EQ and filter. Then drop your perfect beat with Circuit – time and time again.

    Easily Tweak Your Sound
    Unleash your spontaneity with eight macro knobs to take your sound through subtle shifts to twisted transformations. It's your sonic landscape – go somewhere new every day.

    Circuit Macro Editor
    Edit macro assignments, save your edits to the Cloud, and push them out to your Circuit. The Patch Pool feature makes it easy to mix and match patches from several packs, allowing patches to be saved to a pool that can be imported as single sounds into any pack.

    Express yourself with Circuit: straight out of the box and into the mix.

    Circuit Key Features
    2-part Nova-heritage analogue-modelled +wavetable synthesiser
    4-part drum machine
    4x8 grid of RGB, velocity-sensitive sequencer pads
    MiniNova spec oscillator types and updated with new wavetables
    64 production-ready patches
    Step sequence or build live
    Lock your music in time and key
    Tweak using 8 synth macro encoders with RGB LEDs
    Record and play back your tweaks
    Combine up to 128 steps of synth and drum patterns
    Add awesome delay and reverb effects
    32 slots for saving sessions
    Create your own synth patches using Circuit Editor
    Add your samples with Sample Import
    Compact and battery powered
    Built-in DSP-enhanced speaker
    Pads and knobs, and sequence works with computer and hardware via USB and MIDI
    Components Content Manager

    Enjoy Three Years Of Warranty
    Wherever you happen to be in the world, Novation customers are covered by their warranty. In the event of a manufacturing defect becoming evident during the warranty period, Novation or the local Novation distributor will ensure that the product is repaired or replaced free of charge.

    Included Software
    Access to the Sound Collective
    Ableton Live Lite music making software
    4 GB of Loopmasters sounds and samples
    Free Melodics lessons

    Technical Specifications

    Product Hardware Specifications
    32 RGB backlit velocity sensitive button grid
    28 RGB backlit function buttons
    8 Continuous pots with RGB indicator LEDs
    Dedicated filter and volume pots
    1/4inch jack sockets for left and right outputs
    Two MIDI sockets (3.5mm jack sockets with MIDI din break-out cables)
    USB socket
    Front-mounted 3.5mm jack socket for headphones
    Integrated speaker
    Rubberised knob caps
    Rotary controls secured to the chassis with metal nuts
    Power supply connector
    Power switch
    Battery compartment for 6x AA batteries (included)
    Kensington Security Slot

    Sound Engine
    2 Nova synths
    4 Part drum machine
    6 Note polyphonic per synth
    64 Synth patches
    64 Drum patches
    8 Synth macro controls (Control up to 4 parameters with one knob)
    4 Drum parameter controls (Pitch, Decay, Distortion, Filter)
    Mixer view with levels and mutes
    Master FX with individual track sends
    16 Delays
    8 Reverbs
    Sidechain effect (7 types and off). Triggered from Drum 1
    Hi-pass / low-pass master filter

    32 Sessions
    6 Tracks per session (2 Synth and 4 Drum)
    8 Patterns per track (Synth 1, Synth 2, Drum 1&2, Drum 3&4)
    16 Demo sessions
    Real time record (notes, with velocity and automation)
    Auto-quantise notes to steps and automation to 6 events per step
    50 Automation parameters (up to 4800 events per pattern)
    Internal tempo range 40 - 240
    External synced tempo range 30 - 300
    Swing 20 - 80%

    Real Time Performance
    Full range velocity scanning and record. Editable to 16 levels
    16 Scale types and chromatic transposition
    Synth expand view doubles playable area
    Drum expand view allows real time drum record
    Octave (input) and pattern octave (edit)
    Pattern length and nudge
    Configurable pattern chain
    Session instant switching and queued switch

    Velocity and gate per step
    Multiple gate lengths per step (via real time record)
    Automation edit per step
    Clear step, automation parameter per pattern, pattern, session
    Duplicate step, pattern

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