Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z1 and KRK RP5 Bundle

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z1 and KRK RP5 Bundle

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Complete Traktor system for computers and iOS, including the Z1 Traktor controller and USB interface, plus a pair of RP5 monitors and cables.

  • Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z1 and KRK RP5 Bundle

    Complete Traktor system for computers and iOS, including the Z1 Traktor controller and USB interface, plus a pair of RP5 monitors and cables.

    Main Features

    • Compact 2-Channel Mixing Controller
    • Premium 24-bit soundcard with high-output stereo master output and low-latency headphone cue
    • Dedicated mixer with 3-band EQ, gain, filter, and pre-listen control for each channel
    • Pro-quality, precision knobs and faders, and high-visibility backlit buttons and meters
    • Full iOS compatibility and charges iOS device (30 pin iOS connector included)
    • Includes TRAKTOR LE 2 software
    • KRK 5 inch monitors plus cables
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    Package consists of:

    • 1 x Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z1 Mixer Controller with USB Audio Interface
    • 2 x KRK Rokit RP5 G3 Active Studio Monitor (Single)
    • 1 x twin jack to phono cable

    Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z1 Mixer Controller with USB Audio Interface

    Following the release of Traktor DJ for iPad and iPhone is the new Traktor Kontrol Z1, which works both with iOS devices and for PC & Mac (with Traktor Pro 2).

    TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 is the ultra-portable, professional DJ mixing controller for TRAKTOR DJ andTRAKTOR PRO 2. Its cue section lets you monitor and mix tracks with pro precision. Dedicated controls for two channels give you intuitive, tactile control over volume, EQ, filters, and effects. And the built-in audio interface delivers powerful, club-ready sound.

    Get total control and professional sound in a go-anywhere package – it's pro on the go.

    Perfect Combo
    Want to deliver floor-shaking DJ sets with TRAKTOR DJ? Connect your iPad or iPhone to the Z1 and get a complete two-deck DJ setup with ultimate tactile control. Cue up the next track in your headphones while the current track still plays for the crowd. Mix and EQ with pro-grade faders, knobs, and buttons. Apply filters and effects with the ultra-intuitive one sweep knob.

    The Z1 even charges your iOS device while you play, so you never have to worry about battery life when your set hits its peak. a 30 pin iOS connector is included.

    Club Compact
    TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 works perfectly with TRAKTOR PRO 2 – plug in and instantly start mixing with hands-on control and premium, club-ready sound. You can also expand your mobile rig with additional creative possibilities: Add TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 to control effects, loops and transport functions like play and sync, and TRAKTOR KONTROL F1 for creative Remix Deck™ magic.

    Whatever your style, build your setup around TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 and rock the club or the after-party with the most compact, portable TRAKTOR system ever.

    KRK Rokit RP5 G3 Active Studio Monitor (Single)

    Continuing the legacy of performance ROKITs have become known for, the RP5 ROKIT Generation 3 is ideal if you are you're just starting out in desktop recording, or you've already laid down a few thousand tracks. Give a listen to the ROKIT Generation 3 line of monitors and experience a standard in performance and accuracy that raises the bar once again.
    KRK Systems is one of the worlds most respected manufacturers of studio reference monitors. In their state of the art design facility, KRK engineers create products that deliver natural and balanced spectral responses with low distortion and superior imaging. KRK Studio Monitors have been the professional's choice of recording engineers and artists for mixing and mastering hit records around the globe, as they need to hear every nuance of the audio being reproduced. KRK ROKIT Generation 3 monitors continue in this design philosophy, so regardless of your musical style, genre, or particular mixing needs, KRK Rokits deliver.

    The RP5 G3 consists of a 1 inch soft dome tweeter and 5 inch glass-Aramid composite woofer. It delivers high frequencies up to 35kHz, vocal clarity and extended bass response. The proprietary bi-amped, class A/B amplifier grants SPL up to 106dB. The Rokit waveguide is designed to ensure detailed imaging in the listening position. The front-firing bass port reduces boundary coupling to allow flexible positioning in the room while the engineered surface reduces diffraction distortion. Multiple input connections ensure the Rokit RP5 G3 will easily integrate in any system configuration. As one of the most used studio monitors in the world, the Rokit 5 is a valuable and compact solution towards an accurate mix.

    Vocal clarity with extended bass response
    Many manufacturers compromise the midrange frequencies in order to deliver lots of bass. KRK ROKIT Generation 3s sonic response gives you both: vocal clarity and low-frequency extension. Take your favourite vocal piece that includes a bass guitar. Notice how the KRK ROKIT presents, in detail, all the vocals and midrange audio, as well as the notes of the bass guitar.

    Clean, tight bass reproduction
    Everyone loves clean, tight bass reproduction. This is achieved with the proper tuning of the woofer, cabinet and port, otherwise you'll experience muddy bass. Grab a kick drum demo and notice how the KRK ROKIT's bass is tight and well defined.

    High sound pressure levels — without distortion
    Some monitors play loud, but distort at higher SPLs. At KRK, they believe if it isn't clean, it isn't true at any volume level. That's why you'll find precision limiters, matched to the amplifiers in every ROKIT, designed to maintain distortion free sound and balanced response. So turn up a ROKIT and hear not just loud, but hear clean.

    Precise imaging from defined sweet spot
    Place yourself in the sweet spot and listen to any demo selection: now notice the crisp defined image and depth that the ROKIT provides. See how you can hear each vocal and instrument where the recording engineer placed them. Even if you move your head off axis you will notice the sound character remains consistent and you don't lose either side of your mix.

    Clean high-frequency extension
    Some monitors boost high-frequencies or use gimmicky tweeters to achieve what appears to be superior high-frequency reproduction. The result often is a harsh high-end that quickly becomes fatiguing particularly at high volumes. Listen to the ROKIT at any SPL and note the high-frequencies are crisp, clean and don't overwhelm the rest of the audio range.

    KRK RP5 G3 Rokit Active Studio Monitor Specifications

    Configuration: 2-Way
    System type: Active Monitor
    HF Transducer: 1 inch silk dome tweeter
    LF Transducer: 5 inch Aramid glass composite woofer
    Frequency Range: (-10dB) 45Hz – 35kHz
    Crossover Freq.: 2.6 kHz
    Total Power: 50 Watts
    HF Power: 20 Watts
    LF Power: 30 Watts
    Peak SPL: 106 dB
    Auto-Standby: 30 minutes
    Cabinet Material: MDF
    Connectors: Unbalanced RCA, Balanced TRS and XLR
    Controls: HF Level Adjust, LF Level Adjust, System Volume
    Dimensions: (D x W x H): 246 x 188 x 284 mm / 9.7 x 7.4 x 11.2 inches
    Weight: 5.9 Kgs / 13.0 Lbs.

    We recommend that you check the manufacturers website to check compatibility of this product with your particular system as software cannot be refunded if unsealed. You can also contact our sales team for information.

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