Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S5

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S5

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The Stems-ready Native Instruments TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 is a portable, pro 4-deck DJ controller with built-in colour screens.

  • Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S5

    The Stems-ready Native Instruments TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 is a portable, pro 4-deck DJ controller with built-in colour screens.

    Main Features

    • Portable, 4-deck TRAKTOR controller with core control over Stems and Remix Decks
    • 2 bright, full-colour displays reveal key software views and pop-up panels
    • Touch-sensitive knobs and buttons for intuitive control over TRAKTOR software
    • Built-in, club-ready audio interface with pristine 24-bit/48kHz clarity
    • 2 customisable FX units with over 30 studio quality effects plus Macro FX
    • 16 colour-coded pads for triggering samples, cue points, and slices
    • XLR/RCA master and 1⁄4 inch booth outputs for connecting main and booth soundsystems
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    Stems is a completely new way to DJ. A Stem file is an open, multi-channel audio file that contains a track split into four musical elements – bass, drums, vocals, and melody, for example. With each element available independently, you can mix in ways that just weren't possible until now.

    TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 delivers essential control for Stems. Create instant on-the-fly edits, mash-ups, a cappellas, and more with hands-on creative control. And get detailed with your effects – add reverb to the vocals, and leave the rest of the track dry, for example.

    High-Res Deck Displays
    TRAKTOR KONTROL S5's two ultra-crisp high-res displays put TRAKTOR PRO 2 software in plain sight directly on the hardware.

    Browse for the next track, monitor effects, see Stems play as four stacked waveforms, and more all in vivid colour. Just touch a knob and watch TRAKTOR respond on the displays – smart views, pop-up panels, filters, and effects values are instantly revealed by touch-sensitive knobs.

    Touch-And-See Workflow
    TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 combines time-tested TRAKTOR hardware control and advanced visual feedback for workflow that enhances your performance.

    Touch-sensitive knobs instantly activate the Browse View, loops, plus filter, pitch, and effect parameters on the displays to keep you in control in the heat of the night. And TRAKTOR deck flavours switch automatically on the displays to match the track, Stem file, or Remix Set being loaded – no interrupted workflow.

    Track Preparation
    Seamless iTunes library integration and powerful automatic beat detection means tracks are ready to hit the dancefloor anytime. And you can adjust a track's beatgrid in real-time on the S5 - the Beatgrid View instantly reveals your grids for easy editing directly from the displays.

    Hotcues And Flux Mode
    Trigger cue points and loops with colour-coded pads for instant creative editing. The colours match different hotcue types for easy recognition. And with Flux Mode, you can juggle hotcues while maintaining playback position, for spontaneous re-editing in time – every time.

    Audio Interface
    The S5's built-in soundcard provides essential connectivity and 24-bit/48 kHz of pristine audio guaranteed to pack a punch in any room. Connect to any sound system in seconds – XLR and RCA master outputs, plus a 1/4 inch booth output make setting up the S5 fast and simple at any gig.

    And TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 even features an independent AUX channel to connect a mic for the MC, an MP3 player, or any additional device your setup needs.

    Designed For Traktor Pro Software
    TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 is built for seamless control of the included TRAKTOR PRO 2 – the DJ software trusted by countless professionals worldwide. Get in-depth control of your music with up to four software decks, Stems support, customisable interface, and seamless iTunes library integration.

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