Moog MF Ring Minifooger Ring Modulator Pedal

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The Moog MF Ring Minifooger offers an expression enhanced ring modulator with a musical tone circuit and expression pedal control of Freq.

  • Moog MF Ring Minifooger Ring Modulator Pedal

    The Moog MF Ring Minifooger offers an expression enhanced ring modulator with a musical tone circuit and expression pedal control of Freq.

    Main Features

    • 100% analogue ring modulator
    • Tone control adds musical flexibility to the sonic capabilities of ring modulation
    • Easily go from octaves, beating, and chorus in a scale to electro-insanity
    • Easily tune and voice the Freq control to your key of choice
    • Expression pedal input control of Frequency for key changes and sound effects
    • True Bypass
    • Battery or PSU (NOT INCLUDED) powered
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    The MF Ring is an analogue ring modulator based on the best selling Ring Mod in the world, the Moogerfooger MF-102. Its unique tone voicing circuit adds a new musical dimension to ring modification, making it easy dial in everything from octaves and choral dissonance to harmonic undertones and synthesized lead lines. The expression pedal input provides hands-free control of the Freq control for sound sweeps, pitch shifting effects, and playing between two scales on the fly. Unlike other ring modulation pedals, the MF Ring can also be battery powered.


    FREQ - Tunes the frequency of a carrier oscillator to the root note in a scale. The range of this control has been refined to be extremely musical. At lower settings chorus and octaves occur on notes within a chosen scale, while beating and extreme dissonance occur on notes played outside of that scale. At Mid position the sound is buzzy and tight. This is great when paired with the MD Drive for octave-fuzz sounds. At the maximum position the sound is much more synthesized and robotic.

    MIX - Sets the amount of input versus modulated signal. A ring modulator outputs the sum and difference frequencies of your instrument and a carrier oscillator
    (FREQ). At lower to medium levels, the MF Ring can be used to accompany and accentuate notes. As Mix is increased, you will notice more synthesized and
    bell-type sounds. At maximum, the input signal is completely gone and only the sum and difference frequencies are heard. This is perfect for creating unpredictable synthesized and electronic sounds.

    TONE - A filter circuit only applied to the effected signal. This allows you to leave in the MF Ring's natural high frequency chime and buzz, or dial it down for a warmer, more musical character. Because the tracking of the MF Ring is so accurate, this control is particularly useful for dialing in sounds that accompany lead lines, bends, and even chords. It is the perfect way to add unique texture to an idea without it overtaking the sound of your instrument.

    EXPRESSION PEDAL INPUT - This input is assigned to the Freq control. Use it to specify two independent playing keys or create classic sci-fi swells, bit reduction effects, and whammy dives. This input is additive and will allow you to go past the panel settings.

    Moog MF Ring Specifications

    Signal Path: 100% analogue
    Bypass Type: True bypass
    Power: +9VDC
    Weight: 0.5 Kgs / 18oz
    Enclosure: Cast aluminium
    Dimensions (D x W x H): 14.4 x 8.3 x 5.8 cm / 5.75 x 3.25 x 2.25 inches
    Frequency Control: Oscillator range is 90Hz - 1.5KHz nominal. Max with expression 12KHz
    Tone Control: 165 Hz - 20KHz Lowpass Filter 6dB/Octave (wet signal only)
    Expression: Controls Freq (Max Input level +5VDC.
    Input Impedance: 1 MegaOhm
    Output Impedance: 200 Ohm
    Current: 12mA

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