Modal Electronics 002 Digital Analogue Hybrid Polysynth

Modal Electronics 002 Digital/Analogue Hybrid Polysynth (Ex-Display)

Product code: bstmds002

The Modal Electronics 002 is a premium quality analogue/digital hybrid polysynth offering the warmth and power of analogue coupled with the precision and versatility of digital. A true performance instrument with an incredible sound.

  • * SPECIAL OFFER * Modal Electronics 002 Digital/Analogue Hybrid Polysynth (Ex-Display)

    The Modal Electronics 002 is a premium quality analogue/digital hybrid polysynth offering the warmth and power of analogue coupled with the precision and versatility of digital. A true performance instrument with an incredible sound.

    Main Features

    • NCO oscillators offer traditional waveforms with a range of digital tones as well
    • Fully analogue signal path after the oscillator section
    • Rich sounding and versatile analogue transistor ladder filter
    • 12 discrete voices with mutli timbral operation
    • Extensive modulation options, all accessible from the front panel
    • 12 track, 12 row, 32 step sequencer and highly featured arpeggiator
    • Ethernet port to enable updates and access to Modulus Cloud features
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    We love the 002 here at absolutemusic and highly recommend trying this beautiful instrument at our Superstore to fully appreciate the sheer breadth and range of sounds this synth can generate. Equally at home on stage or in the studio, the 002 (also known as the Modulus 002) has a massive feature set and feels like a fully professional instrument: the Fatar keyboard is smooth and responsive and the controls are set out so logically, you'll be programming confidently in no time.

    As an analogue/digital hybrid keyboard synthesiser (using an aftertouch-enabled premium Fatar semi-weighted, five-octave key mechanism), modal.002 provides 12 discrete voices of polyphony with full multitimbrality if so desired. As such, it features two NCOs (Numerically-Controlled Oscillators) per voice for exceedingly high resolution and stability with wide-reaching waveform selections, together with two sub-oscillators, individually (and uniquely) switchable from a traditional square wave to having the same waveform as the main NCO to effectively produce four oscillators per voice: a Modulus-designed 24dB/octave four- pole transistor ladder filter featuring some very unusual morphing or 'polesweeping' effects, enabling ear-opening transitions from 24dB/octave four-pole to 6dB/ octave one-pole filtering and anywhere in between: one LFO per voice as well as a global LFO: wide-ranging modulation options, all accessible directly via the front panel — no navigating convoluted and confusing menus: a pure analogue signal path from the oscillators right the way through to the combined XLR/TRS balanced/unbalanced outputs (with all 12 voices individually available for external processing via a dedicated D-Sub connector): two audio inputs enabling internal audio processing from the VCF onwards... and that's only scratching the surface.

    While all voice control parameters are accessible via a well-thought-through front panel that is both attractive and intuitive in use thanks to sticking to traditional synthesiser workflow, what lies beneath is really remarkable. Radically departing from the norm, modal.002 is blessed with an unrivalled user interface based around a high-quality 4.3-inch screen with wide viewing angle. It is context sensitive, whereby the control parameter of any control knob touched by the user is immediately displayed onscreen. Synthesiser savants and audio aficionados will surely unite in their appreciation of the sonic depths that this well-specified speedy dream machine can deeply dive into!

    Forget about an analogue renaissance here, however, let's talk truly revolutionary design features for a moment. modal.002 represents a unique approach to synthesiser design, taking traditional analogue circuitry combined with modern, reliable digital developments and marrying it all to a completely new control platform. Phenomenally, modal.002 brings cloud functionality to a synthesiser for the first time! The Ethernet port means modal.002 can be connected to a network to enable updates via the Internet — no more MIDI SysEx dumps to get you down in the dumps — and access to the means user profile settings, sound patches, sequences, and other content can be easily replicated to a cloud-based server platform to enable rapid resynchronisation to another modal.002, regardless of whether it is owned by the same user or a collaborator at a remote location. Let's be honest here. We're well into the 21st Century now, so why not provide modal.002 users with data management features that are expected as the 'norm' in modern consumer technology devices, yet have hitherto eluded the electronic musician? Makes sound sense to the Modulus team, that's for sure! And we're sure it will make sound sense to modal.002 users, too.

    So what other notable modal.002 features are worth making a song and dance about? An inbuilt MIDI-sync-able 16-track, 12-row, 32-step sequencer with 16 front panel-positioned step-time editing controls can give any hardware rivals already out there a serious run for their money. For sequences can not only be transposed dynamically while running but sophisticated so-called 'mini arpeggiator sequences' created using the arpeggiator's Hold mode can be speedily saved as sequences for latter recall and editing using the sequencer. Moreover, modal.002's Animator allows any control to be sequenced, enabling complex filter transitions, waveform changes, and modulation matrix changes to be sequenced. Lest we forget, 12 'quick recall banks' are accessible directly from dedicated front panel buttons. Build up set lists of presets, sequences, and animations, making modal.002 a live performance partner par excellence.

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  • Additional Information

    Condition Ex-display
    On demo in store No
    Brand Modal Electronics
    Keyboard Type Synth
    Number of keys 61
    Keyboard Action Semi-Weighted