Online Mixing Services

Everyone wants their tracks to stand out, whether it’s for that crucial demo or simply to share with friends. Our expert engineers can add that magical finishing touch to your tracks in a matter of days, giving you the edge when it comes to seeking label representation, getting booked for gigs or just gaining Likes online!

Our mixing suite in our Bournemouth studio complex boasts some of the best quality gear, including a selection of professional monitors (Adam/Focal/Genelec), Pro Tools HD with multiple AVID Artist controllers, Universal Apollo interface with entire UAD plug-in library, Waves plug-ins and more. And if our engineers feel they need that ‘special’ something for your mix, they have been known to raid our superstore!

Simply send your files to us (or bring them in if you’re local to our Bournemouth studios) and our engineers will, based on your brief, deliver the perfect sound you’re looking for.

How absolutemusic Online Mixing Works
  1. Call or email our engineers to discuss your requirements (tel. 01202 572948)
  2. Send files to us via file transfer or on a physical DVD (details below)
  3. Get mixing quote based on files submitted (from just £80 per track)
  4. Our engineers mix down your track(s)
  5. Track(s) sent back for your approval
  6. Last-minute adjustments can be undertaken if necessary
  7. Final mixed tracks delivered (unmastered)

The mixing magic takes place in our Bournemouth studios, and the whole process from step 1 to step 7 can take as little as 7 days!

Click below to hear some examples of our work

Online Mixing Rates

Standard mixing rates are just £40 per hour and the total cost will vary depending on the number of individual tracks recorded per song and the work required to bring the tracks up to a professional standard. As an example, the basic price for a simple single song would be £80 for a two-hour mixing session. If you need us to mix multiple songs, for EP and album projects for instance, we can offer special multi-song discounts!

Please liaise directly with our engineers and studio team to get an accurate estimate of the studio time likely to be required. The quote can be reviewed and confirmed when we receive your tracks.

Sending Files

You can either send us your Pro Tools session folder or, if working with other software, the individual tracks (from the same start point) with no effects processing applied.

Please provide all files at as high a resolution as possible (minimum 16-bit/44.1kHz), on a DVD data disc (mailed to our address below) or uploaded via a file transfer or cloud storage service, the address of which our engineers will confirm with you.


If you want to take your mix to the next level, take advantage of our absolutemusic professional mastering services. Our expert mastering engineers can also provide fully mastered files ready for CD (Red Book standard) or digital duplication. Call or email our studio team for more details.