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Ribbon Mics

Originally used for radio broadcasts, ribbon microphones are widely known to give an accurate and vintage sound to a recording, especially for acoustic instruments such as violins, acoustic guitars and vocals. Although they are nowhere near as fragile as they were when first invented, ribbon mics should still be handled and used with care as they can be overpowered. There are, however, ribbon mics that have been designed specifically for use with guitar amps, such as the Sontronics Delta.

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If you are unsure which ribbon microphone would be best for your studio (or live setup) give us and a call and one of our microphone experts will happily guide you through the range. We quite often have microphone bundles available with stands, pop shields, cabling etc so check out the full range below and don’t forget that all of these ribbon mics can be bought online now or in-store.

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