Kurzweil SMP2X Sampling Option for K2600 series

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With the K2600 Sampling Option SMP-2X upgrade installed, the K2600 can sample virtually any analogue or digital source.

  • Kurzweil SMP2X Sampling Option for K2600 series

    With the K2600 Sampling Option SMP-2X upgrade installed, the K2600 can sample virtually any analogue or digital source.

    Main Features

    • Adds sampling capability to the K2600
    • Sampling from digital or line-level analogue sources
    • Phase locked 16-bit stereo sampling, as well as mono left and right
    • Analog Sampling Rates: 48, 44.1, 32, 29.4 kHz
    • XLR and 1/4 inch jack analogue inputs
    • AES/EBU and S/PDIF (digital) In and Out, using coaxial and/or optical cable
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    With sample memory expandable to 128 Meg via standard SIMMs, up to 25 minutes of CD-quality sampled sound can be recorded, processed and played back with superb fidelity.

    These instruments feature a set of some of the most powerful DSP sample processing tools available. Processing functions such as Crossfade Looping, Normalize Gain, Mix Beat, Time Compression/Expansion and many more, give you complete control over your samples. The sample editing page shows you the sample wave, allowing you to scroll to exact points in the sample for precise editing.

    Once sample processing is finished, you can save to a 3.5 inch floppy disk, an optional internal hard drive, or any external SCSI-compatible device.

    The V.A.S.T.® Advantage
    Like the internal presets, samples are also processed through Kurzweil's award-winning V.A.S.T. architecture. Variable Architecture Synthesis means that you can select the DSP functions for each voice from a list of 60 available DSP functions, arrangeable in 126 algorithms (including Triple Mode!). Your samples will sound V.A.S.T.ly better! The superior sampling hardware combined with V.A.S.T. sample processing can even improve samples that originated in other samplers.

    DSP Functions
    Time compression/expansion, sample rate conversion, mixing/splicing, pitch shifting, crossfade looping, normalising gain, fade in/fade out, auto truncate, mix beat, resampling and more. Samples are treated exactly as the internal ROM waves and can take full advantage of V.A.S.T. programmability (126 Algorithms, FX, MIDI control, etc.).

    Live Mode
    Powerful V.A.S.T. DSP capabilities to process any incoming mono or stereo signal via the digital inputs or analogue inputs (included on the sampling option). Imagine plugging your guitar, microphone (mic pre recommended), mixer or tape track directly into your K2600 and customising the sound using any of the V.A.S.T. parameters, all in real-time. Then add effects using the K2600's state-of-the-art KDFX.

    RAM Tracks
    RAM Tracks makes it easier to sample in sync with the on-board sequencer: allowing you to record vocals, guitar overdubs, etc. to go with your song. After sampling, the software places the sample into a keymap and program layer, and data in the song track, to allow sync of vocal overdubs, guitar leads, etc. 128M of sample memory allows over 25 track minutes at 44.1kHz.

    Please note that this item should be installed by an authorised Kurzweil service technician.

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