Kurzweil PC3 76 note Synthesizer  (Pre-Owned)

Kurzweil PC3 76 note Synthesizer (Pre-Owned)

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This pre-owned Kurzweil PC3 76 is in great condition and full working order. It's packed full of amazing realistic sounds including Kurzweil's Triple Strike Grand Piano along with the Classic Keys ROM and the VA-1 Virtual Analog Synthesizer.

  • Kurzweil PC3 76 note Synthesizer (Pre-Owned)

    This pre-owned Kurzweil PC3 76 is in great condition and full working order. It's packed full of amazing realistic sounds including Kurzweil's Triple Strike Grand Piano along with the Classic Keys ROM and the VA-1 Virtual Analog Synthesizer.

    Main Features

    • Performance keyboard with full MIDI Controller functionality
    • 76 note semi weighted keyboard
    • Powerful VAST synthesis system
    • Classic Keys ROM included as standard
    • VA-1 Virtual Analog Synth Modelling system onboard
    • Powerful and versatile sequencing onboard
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    The Ultimate Performance Controller Keyboard
    With a sleek new look on the outside, and an arsenal of Kurzweil's latest cutting edge chip technology under its hood, the 76-note PC3 delivers 128 voices of incredible sound quality along with a host of powerful, easy to use features. The PC3 is Kurzweil's ultimate performance controller keyboard, with an enormous collection of stunning sounds combined with comprehensive real-time controller functions.
    In addition to the renowned Triple Strike Grand Piano, the PC3 features hundreds of new sounds: basses, drums, guitars, and synths suited for every style and taste, along with a collection of flawless vintage keyboard emulations, KB3 Mode and over 250 orchestral and string section programs.
    The PC3's new Dynamic V.A.S.T. architecture is a huge step forward in synthesis, the fruit of several major strides Kurzweil have made in improving processing power, flexibility and user-friendliness. Good news for synth enthusiasts - we've seamlessly integrated our legendary VA-1 Virtual Analog Synthesizer into the new system!
    For good measure they have included an unlimited-track sequencer with 1536 PPQ resolution and more effects processing power than the acclaimed KSP8 processor, making the PC3 a full blown music production workstation. Add in USB, flash xD card port, a newly designed keyboard action, and a new intuitive user interface, and you've got the next generation of Kurzweil instruments.
    It's a performance controller. It's a synthesizer. It's a workstation.
    What's Inside...
    One thing which clearly sets Kurzweil apart from the competition is the fact that they design their own chips (called ASICs) for all Kurzweil products. Simply put, their chips are customised for optimum audio performance. What does this mean for the end user? It means that all of the processing power in a Kurzweil chip is devoted exclusively to sound. It means no noticeable latency - the performance is always lightning fast. And most importantly, it translates into that rich, full, glitch-free sound for which Kurzweil has become famous.
    The Kurzweil Sound...
    The PC3 offers an enormous sound set of over 800 programs, raising the bar once again for both audio quality and variety. With the best samples in the industry, and a powerful, responsive synth engine breathing life into them, you'll feel like you're playing an actual instrument, not just playing samples. Of course there's the famous Kurzweil Triple Strike Piano, with dozens of variations to accommodate every kind of player. All of the basic sounds - basses, guitars, drums, horns and synths - have been painstakingly programmed to reflect the needs of today's professional players, representing a broad selection of styles and flavours from the '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s and today.
    Also included is the Classic Keys ROM, which puts an impossibly large vintage keyboard rig at your fingertips. These are vintage emulations which actually sound like vintage instruments and classic recordings. The recognisable sounds of those classic electromechanical instruments, with all of their characteristic imperfections, have been faithfully re-created, along with pedals, amps and speakers. Lush Mellotrons, growling electric pianos, and punchy Clavinets are all there at the touch of a button, programmed to sound just like those classic albums.
    For more vintage firepower, the PC3 is equipped with the most advanced version of Kurzweil's widely lauded KB3 Mode tonewheel organ simulator, which screams, sputters and sizzles just like the original. In addition to newly developed Leslie effects, and a new bank of B3 programs, they've also included sounds from the classic Vox and Farfisa combo organs. The PC3's 9 sliders provide real-time drawbar control.
    The PC3 offers a full range of world class orchestral sounds, including the new String Section ROM bank, making it ideal for film-scoring and soundtrack projects. Every type of articulation, every nuance has been captured, with samples of full and divisi sections of violins, violas, cellos, and double bass. The details, the warm swells, animated pizzicatos and the sound of scraping rosin all add to the breathtaking effect of these string sections. You can plug and play with sounds worthy of a finished production - instant gratification with uncompromising sound quality.
    Dynamic V.A.S.T...
    Under the hood of the PC3 is simply the most powerful synthesis engine ever created by Kurzweil. Dynamic V.A.S.T. picks up where the K series left off. Having up to 32 layers per program means that emulations of real instruments can be extremely detailed and accurate, while the synthesized sounds can be extraordinarily large and complex.
    Expanding upon the V.A.S.T. architecture, the PC3's new architecture delivers more power and flexibility combined with unprecedented ease of use. Users can now create and store their own DSP algorithms, with nearly limitless possibilities for routing.
    In another huge development, they've resurrected the VA-1 Virtual Analog Synthesizer, having built it's synthesis engine right into the new system. Hear the VA-1's power-shaped, anti-aliasing oscillators combined with a newer, larger set of V.A.S.T. filters and non-linear processors and you'll understand why the internet is buzzing about this feature.
    Cascade Mode...
    Every layer in a program can be routed through the DSP of any other layer, in series or blended together, with up to 32 layers. It's the same concept as Triple Mode on the K26 series, without the 3 layer limit. You can run your sound through literally dozens of filters (which can all move independently in real-time) in addition to Kurzweil's signature DSP processors like Shaper, Wrap and Distortion, allowing for some truly dazzling results. This is one more feature which makes the PC3's synth engine so powerful and so different than anything else on the market.
    User Interface...
    While the PC3's user interface may look familiar to veteran Kurzweil users, major improvements have been made, allowing for a much more user friendly experience. The PC3's backlit 240 x 64 display conveys all the information you'll need, when you need it, in an elegant, easy to navigate environment.
    Programs are categorised and can be selected by scrolling or by using bank and program select buttons. Further, user favourites can be organised into convenient 'Quick Access' banks for easy one touch recall.
    In addition to fast navigation, each preset sound is accompanied by an 'Info' screen which can be accessed at the touch of a button. As every sound can have its own customised set of real-time, physical controllers (sliders, modwheel, switches, CC Pedals, mono pressure, etc.) , the
    Info button makes viewing the current assignments effortless.
    Complimenting the PC3's killer soundset is the the Easy Audition feature, where every one of the PC3's presets is linked to a bank of 'riffs', recorded sequences which demonstrate each sound in an appropriate context. Just hit the 'play' button on the front panel and get a quick musical preview of the current selection. Program selection and navigation, fast and easy. Also available will be a software-based PC3 Desktop Editor (for both Mac & PC) with comprehensive, easy to use features.
    With up to 16 insert effects plus two available auxiliary sends, the PC3 offers more than twice the processing power of our acclaimed KDFX engine. Effects can be chained together in series, or distributed among the PC3's 16 multitimbral channels. And these are simply the best effects in the business - burning distortions, transparent compressors, warm phaser and chorus effects, perfect reverbs - everything from flawless vintage emulations to concert halls which decay into complete silence. All parameters are assignable to any of the PC3's real time controllers - sliders, pedals, wheels, etc.
    The PC3 features a newly designed sequencer, with unlimited tracks and 1536 PPQ resolution. Combining a set of powerful song editing functions like step editing, swing, and controller scaling with a new friendlier interface, the PC3 truly excels as a song writing/arranging workstation, ideal for music production on the fly. Chasing controls and a global 'set song length' function are just a couple of the features that have been incorporated.
    The PC3 sports sixteen (yes, 16!) independent arpeggiators as well as a collection of pre-recorded beats and musical phrases.

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  • Additional Information

    Condition Pre-owned
    On demo in store No
    Brand Kurzweil
    Keyboard Type Synth
    Number of keys 76
    Keyboard Action Semi-Weighted