Korg Pitchblack Custom Chromatic Tuner Pedal

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The Korg Pitchblack Custom tuner features the first vertical 3D visual meter on a pedal tuner. This one has had the rubber feet removed to better sit on a pedal board. Otherwise Excellent+ condition and comes in original box.

  • Korg Pitchblack Custom Chromatic Tuner Pedal (Pre-Owned)

    The Korg Pitchblack Custom tuner features the first vertical 3D visual meter on a pedal tuner. This one has had the rubber feet removed to better sit on a pedal board. Otherwise Excellent+ condition & comes in original box.

    Main Features

    • Part of KORG's 'Custom Shop' series, a mark of ultimate quality
    • 3D visual meter creates a revolutionary visual effect
    • Ultra-high tuning accuracy of +/- 0.1 cents
    • Four types of meter display modes
    • True bypass prevents any colouration or loss in the sound
    • DC out allows parallel connection for powering other effect pedals
    • Three times longer battery life
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    The three-dimensional lights and versatile display modes on the Pitchblack Custom deliver an unprecedented level of visibility. In addition to allowing ultra-high +/- 0.1 cent tuning precision, it features true bypass switching that prevents any colouration of your tone. Designed with the needs of professionals in mind, the Pitchblack Custom will provide years of trouble-free operation. The durable aluminium die cast body provides a DC output that allows parallel connection for powering other effects pedals. The Pitchblack Custom offers unbeatable visibility and accuracy for all guitarists and bassists and is the clear choice for professionals.
    'Custom Shop', The Mark Of Ultimate Quality
    KORG tuners have a 40-year history that began with the world's first needle-style tuner. While Korg have produced many different types of tuners, including tuners with unrivalled precision and tuners with epoch-making functionality, these products were made possible by KORG's unwavering commitment to quality. In other words, their attitude of sincerely listening to the voice of the user, their revolutionary ideas, and their high level of technological ability are what underlie the long history of KORG tuners.
    Now, KORG announces a new lineup aimed at achieving even greater accomplishments. The name 'Custom Shop' designates this tuner as a flagship model that is representative of KORG's highest levels of technology. Its design features a beautiful meter displayed by a CMD panel, ultra-precision detection, and careful attention paid to appearance and feel. KORG's high technological ability and commitment to quality have taken shape as the 'Custom Shop' name.
    3D Visual Meter Creates A Revolutionary Visual Effect
    The 3D visual meter exemplifies the Custom Shop series. A large and easily visible note name indication and the distinct movement of brightly illuminated LEDs make the pitch difference and change instantly recognisable. This new 3D visual meter makes it simple to tune with a precision of ±0.1 cent.
    Ultra-High Tuning Accuracy Of +/- 0.1 Cents
    Designed with the professional user in mind, KORG's Pitchblack Custom offers extremely accurate tuning with a detection range of +/- 0.1 cents, a level of precision that is uncommon of pedal tuners. With the Pitchblack Custom, players of all styles can now enjoy the same ultra-high precision offered in KORG's flagship tuner, the Pitchblack Pro.
    Four Meter Display Modes
    Choose from four meter display modes to suit your playing style. In addition to the standard 'Regular A mode', you can use 'Strobe mode' or 'Half-strobe mode' in which the direction and speed of meter movement indicate the pitch change for easy visualisation of even minute differences, as well as 'Regular B mode' in which the meter rises by being stacked from bottom to top toward a reference line --- a mode that's possible only with KORG's vertical display. A broader range of pitch is provided for the lower side of the meter (lower pitch) to an easier tuning experience.
    True Bypass
    The true bypass design allows the input sound to be output with absolutely no change (when the tuner is off). In other words, the tuner circuit does not change, degrade, or colour your sound in any way. Since the input sound is completely muted when the tuner is on, this unit is ideal for use on stage.
    DC Out Allows Parallel Connection
    If a separately sold AC adaptor is used, the DC OUT jack can supply power to another effect unit. Since a dedicated power supply circuit is provided for DC OUT, it can provide stable and noiseless 9V 200 mA power.
    Approximately Three Times The Battery Life
    The high-efficiency, long-life design allows for approximately three times longer operation than the previous model. Operating life is approximately 15 hours when using zinc-carbon batteries, and approximately 30 hours when using alkaline batteries, giving the Pitchblack Custom the longest operating life of any pedal tuner.

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