Korg Kronos X 61 Music Workstation  (Ex-Display)

Korg Kronos X 61 Music Workstation (Ex-Display)

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The Korg Kronos X 61 sports additional PCM RAM, a larger SSD and enhanced sampling capabilities making this top of the range workstation even more powerful than before.

  • Korg Kronos X 61 Music Workstation (Ex-Display)

    The Korg Kronos X 61 sports additional PCM RAM, a larger SSD and enhanced sampling capabilities making this top of the range workstation even more powerful than before.

    Main Features

    • Nine sound engines covering all bases and styles
    • Approximately 2GB of available PCM RAM and a doubled SSD capacity of 62 GB allow support for gigantic sound library expansions
    • 16-part Combis allow all engines to function together in perfect harmony
    • On-board sequencer offers 16 MIDI tracks + 16 audio tracks
    • Expanded Drum Track for play-along grooves and inspiration
    • Support for the KRONOS Editor and Plug-in Editor software
    • Serial Number: 102136
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    The KRONOS X 61 Music Workstation is the single instrument designed for live performing musicians, for artists creating in a studio or computer-based production environment and for musicians and sound designers seeking the ultimate synthesizer.
    LIVE – for the performing keyboard player
    KRONOS X 61 provides the absolute finest in keyboard sounds, accurate and responsive to the player's technique. The expansive control surface offers joysticks, sliders, knobs, switches, a ribbon controller, assignable pedal inputs, and a high-resolution colour TouchView™ display. Performance-oriented additions include an easy-to-use Set List mode for song-specific and gig-ready sound selection, and Korg's Smooth Sound Transition feature. The 61 note keyboard has the same responsive feel as the M3-61.
    PRODUCTION – satisfying the producer, music director, and musician
    For many, the studio is where the work gets done: from laying down tracks, to building up grooves for an on-stage extravaganza, to delivering the soundtrack for today's media rich world. For these creative leaders, Korg has equipped the KRONOS X 61 Music Workstation's sequencer with 16-track MIDI tracks plus 16 audio tracks, their Open Sampling System, dazzling hi-fidelity effects, as well as flawless plug-in integration with many popular DAW platforms. Of course, KRONOS X 61 is equipped with phenomenal sound, dynamic drums, and an impressive array of premium sound effects. Add to that the ability to use KARMA, the Drum Track, and the sequencer's RPPR to greatly speed up and enrich the music creation process.
    SYNTHESIS – programming joy for the enthusiast and sound designer
    In addition to being Korg's premier workstation, KRONOS X 61 has it in its blood to satisfy the programmer, sound designer, and synthesizer enthusiast: the musician who dreams of turning visions of the cosmos into sound, of tweaking parameters to conjure invisible sounds from the ether. A variety of exclusive Korg technologies drive the synth engines to provide astounding results – CMT (Component Modelling Technology), Physical Modelling, Digital Synthesis, Wave Sequencing, MDS (Multi-Dimensional Synthesis), KARMA® and more!
    Nine Synthesizer Engines, United in One Instrument
    KRONOS X 61 contains nine distinct synthesizer/sound engines. While each is worthy of a separate product in its own right, KRONOS X 61 brings them all together into a single, integrated musical instrument. Dynamic voice allocation and innovative technologies allow all sound engines to smoothly share a stable, enhanced hardware platform. The results are nothing less than spectacular.
    Room to Expand
    Since the KRONOS appeared, KRONOS Sound Library expansions have continued to be released. In order to let you take full advantage of these libraries, which offer selections with a different flavour than the preload programs in the KRONOS, the KRONOS X 61 doubles both the PCM RAM capacity to approximately 2GB and the SSD capacity to 62GB. Starting in March 2012, the KARO Sound Libraries from the German company KARO Sound Development have joined the list with twenty titles already available, further enhancing the value of the KRONOS X 61. The KRONOS X 61 also contains the EXs 10 - 13 expansion sample series of KRONOS Sound Libraries pre-installed in demo mode. After you've tried them out, you can obtain these rich sounds for yourself by simply purchasing a license key.
    User Sample Banks
    User Sample Banks bring the benefits of KORG's EXs to your own custom sample libraries. You can load and play many gigabytes of your custom or converted samples at once, using the internal SSD. Disk and memory management is also improved: you can create subsets of User Sample Banks, and mix and match parts of different banks, without duplicating samples on disk. It's also easy to share sounds with friends and collaborators, since Programs, Wave Sequences, and Drum Kits maintain links to User Sample Banks even when samples are moved on disk or loaded onto a different KRONOS instrument. Create your own samples, or import Akai and SoundFont 2.0 libraries using new, improved conversion features.
    Premier Artist Contributions
    In order to take full advantage of these nine sound engines, KORG called on respected musicians to guide their sound design team towards their individual ideals. Responding positively, numerous world-class players contributed their time, energy, and critical listening to help them zero in on making the sound respond the way they hear it! Certain artist signature sounds were tested, judged and tweaked by the likes of Herbie Hancock, Jordan Rudess, Frank McComb, George Duke, Lyle Mays, Russ Ferrante, Tom Coster, John Novello, Ricky Lawson and several other artists known for their serious love of sound and for their critical, demanding ears.
    KORG's Rock-Solid Workstation Integration Puts it all Together
    Packed with unlimited sound potential, KRONOS X 61 is much more than a synthesizer. KRONOS X 61 comes complete with all of the extras required of a modern workstation, plus so much more. From music production to live performance, the KRONOS X 61 Music Workstation integrates a world-class list of tools into a single, reliable instrument. Under the hood, all nine engines share the same hardware, with no separate cards to manage or polyphony barriers between them—and no 'CPU overs' to worry about. KRONOS X 61 dynamically allocates power between the engines as you play, automatically and in real time, providing an integrated experience no PC can match. In addition, KRONOS X smoothly functions as a plug-in with many popular DAWs, providing your studio with native, unprecedented sonic power.
    First appearing on KORG's Karma Music Workstation in 2001, this revolutionary algorithmic music technology instantly produces sophisticated phrases, drum grooves and full-blown backing tracks. Based on the notes and chords you play and the intuitive operations you perform with the knobs, sliders, and switches, you'll easily produce musical effects that exceed anything you imagined. Now in its greatly-enhanced second generation and offering features like KARMA Wave-Sequencing, Note Mapping and 8 scenes per layer, KARMA is standard equipment on your new KRONOS X 61. It will expand your conception of a song, and will be an enormous asset to your live performances.
    Drum Tracks
    KRONOS X also borrows the Drum Track feature from the M3 and M50 Music Workstations. Drum Tracks can create everything from a simple reference beat to an outline rhythm track on up to a full-blown drum track for your music productions. KRONOS X 61 now includes professional drum performances from artists such as Ricky Lawson, able to generate grooves reproducing the distinctive feel of a pro drummer. Applications and extras have been unstintingly poured into this single feature. The Drum Track can go beyond rhythm machines, and is fully capable of standing on its own.
    Open Sampling System
    No matter whether you're in Program, Combination, or Sequencer mode, you can always use KRONOS X 61 to sample an external audio source, or to resample the performance of the KRONOS X 61 itself. User samples can be edited using operations such as truncate, normalise, time stretch, or time slice. Edited samples can also be exported in AIFF or WAVE format. You can also load external samples in AIFF, WAVE, SoundFont 2.0, and AKAI S1000/3000 formats via USB memory. By loading samples that you've previously created on other instruments or on a PC, you can set up your music production system on the KRONOS X 61 – no additional equipment required.
    16-track MIDI sequencer / 16-track audio recorder
    KRONOS X features a sequencer/recording section that offers both 16 MIDI tracks plus 16 audio tracks, a great resource for putting together a dazzling performance or a brilliant production. MIDI sequencing makes it easy to capture ideas, inspiration, and pro-quality phrases using the KARMA, Drum Track, or RPPR (Realtime Pattern Play/Recording) functions. The 16-track audio recorder simultaneously captures up to four tracks of 16-bit/24-bit uncompressed data at a sampling rate of 48 kHz. Play along with recorded tracks, add effects, and then resample the KRONOS X 61 itself and place the resampled WAVE files directly in a track. When polishing your tracks, feel free to use mixer automation and editing functions such as copy, paste, and normalise to get the results you want. Plug in a USB CD-burner and assemble your album right from the TouchView display!
    Premium-quality effects suite – use up to 16 simultaneously
    KRONOS X provides 16 internal effects to add impact to your sonic creations. Each of the 12 Insert effects can be applied to individual or multiple timbres in a combination, or to individual or multiple tracks of the sequencer. In addition, two Master effects can be applied to sends 1/2, and two Total effects can be applied to all tracks at the final stage of the sound. Each effect offers 185 distinct effect types, covering every possible sound-shaping need. Examples include a high-resolution reverb, chorus, delay, guitar amp and cabinet modelling, even vocoding. Each effect provides up to 72 adjustable parameters, as well as numerous realtime modulation possibilities, delivering outstanding versatility. A separate three-band EQ is provided for every timbre, for every sequencer track, and for every audio track for adjusting subtle tonal balances or for creatively modifying the overall sound.
    Set List screen provides single-touch selection, regardless of mode
    The Set List screen lets you instantly recall your favourite programs, combinations, or song data with a single touch, regardless of mode. There are 128 Set List locations, and each one can have 128 slots. Sixteen of these slots appear at a time as buttons in the TouchView display, colour-coded to ensure easy visibility even in dim lighting. This is a great convenience during a live performance or in the production workplace. You can also leave notes for yourself using the Set List page, to remember the key of a song, for example. The Set List also provides a stereo graphic EQ at the final stage of the main audio output, which can be used to compensate for the acoustical character of the performance venue.
    Smooth Sound Transition eliminates dropouts when changing sounds
    KRONOS X 61 features Smooth Sound Transition technology. This powerful addition is designed to maintain any currently held, played, or sustaining notes (with their effects), helping to prevent drop-outs from occurring when you switch sounds or change from Program mode to Combi mode. A high level of technology has been applied to finally bring this sought-after ability to reality, fulfilling the requests of many musicians.
    Enhanced, colour TouchView display
    KORG's TouchView graphical user interface is based on a large, colour 8-inch (800 x 600 pixel) touch screen. The TouchView display is the centrepiece of KORG's intuitive design, providing easy-to-view information and simple touch control. In developing KRONOS X 61, Korg also incorporated numerous images of actual instruments and their respective controls into the display, to ensure that the musician enjoys the feeling of playing an instrument – rather than controlling a machine.
    Comprehensive Control
    In addition to the parameters accessible directly from the TouchView display, KRONOS X also offers a wealth of realtime controllers to enhance any performance and to aid navigation. A four-way joystick, ribbon controller, and two assignable switches are located to the left of the keyboard. An additional Vector joystick is nearby. Above the keyboard, nine sliders, eight knobs and a number of switches provide realtime interaction with features at the heart of the KRONOS X 61's impressive sound. The damper pedal input supports half-damping, providing another level of piano realism. In addition to the damper pedal jack, there are also two assignable pedal inputs, one foot pedal type and one footswitch style.
    Support for USB MIDI and Korg USB pad controllers
    KRONOS X 61 adds support for connecting USB MIDI class-compliant controllers directly to the instrument. For instance, you can use a Korg microKEY as an auxiliary keyboard, or even better, KORG USB MIDI controllers with pads–including the nanoPAD, nanoPAD2, and padKONTROL–are automatically mapped to the KRONOS chord pads, for playing and programming drums, triggering chords, and selecting and assigning chords for Chord Mode.
    KRONOS Editor and Plug-In Editor
    KRONOS X 61 also adds support for the KRONOS Editor and Plug-In Editor, which let you edit and organise sounds from a Mac OS X or Windows computer. Plug-in operation allows you to save settings as part of your project with any VST-compatible Windows software, or any VST- or AU-compatible software on Mac OS X.
    High Speed Data Communication
    This USB Ethernet functionality lets you use a commercially available USB Ethernet adaptor to transmit files and data easily and at high speed between the KRONOS X 61 and your computer. You can create backup files on your computer, send sample data at high speed from your computer to the KRONOS X 61, and use your computer to manage data that's on the internal disk. By enhancing the integration with your computer it's now even easier to get your musical projects completed.
    Computer Connectivity
    KRONOS X 61 can send MIDI signals to and from your computer via USB. Using the KRONOS Editor software Version 2.0, or later (free download), sounds and settings can be edited directly from your computer. The KRONOS Plug-in Editor (free download) lets you use KRONOS X 61 from within many popular DAW systems, as if it were a plug-in instrument. KRONOS X 61 can also be used as an audio I/O for your computer, sending and receiving two channels of audio via USB. In a music production system using your KRONOS X 61 and a computer, there is no need to purchase any additional hardware, creating the simplest possible set-up.
    Versatile Array of Audio Inputs and Outputs
    The KRONOS X 61 provides a total of six channels of audio input: 2 analogue channels, 2 digital channels (S/P DIF optical, 48 kHz/24-bit), and 2 USB channels. As audio outputs, you have the 2 main channels (L/MONO, R) as well as four independent audio outputs, 2 digital channels (S/P DIF optical, 48 kHz/24-bit), and 2 USB channels. All analogue inputs and outputs support TRS balanced connections. The analogue inputs provide a MIC/LINE select switch and an independent level control for each channel, offering the flexibility to meet any situation. In addition to the type-B USB connector used for communicating with your computer, there are two type-A USB 2.0 ports for use with external storage media such as flash memory, hard drives, or CD-R/RW and DVD drives. The output of the KRONOS X 61 can be resampled to a USB storage device such as a hard drive, or connected to USB CD-R/RW drive to create audio CDs.

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    Condition Ex-display
    On demo in store No
    Brand Korg
    Keyboard Type Synth
    Number of keys 61
    Keyboard Action Semi-Weighted