Korg KR Mini Desktop Drum Machine with Speaker  (b-stock)

Korg KR Mini Desktop Drum Machine with Speaker (b-stock)

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The Korg KR mini is an easy, simple and compact rhythm machine with a built-in speaker and optional battery power for play-anywhere convenience.

  • Korg KR Mini Desktop Drum Machine with Speaker (b-stock)

    The Korg KR mini is an easy, simple and compact rhythm machine with a built-in speaker and optional battery power for play-anywhere convenience.

    Main Features

    • Easy-to-use design, just select a rhythm pattern and press the play button
    • Chain function lets you arrange your favourite rhythm patterns and fill-ins to create complete songs
    • Optional foot switches gives you hands-free control over fill-in/start/stop
    • Tap the 16 pads for finger drumming or recording your own rhythms
    • Built-in speaker with 2W output for jamming anywhere without the need for an additional monitor
    • Headphone/speaker jack for quiet practice or connection to a mixer or monitoring system
    • Two-way power. Use the optional AC adaptor or batteries (AA alkaline batteries x 3)
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    Many musicians wish that they could enjoy casually performing while being backed up by real rhythm patterns rather than just a metronome. Korg has responded to these wishes with the KR Mini rhythm machine. It features a simple design that eliminates all complex functions, looks that overflow with nostalgia and analogue-like controls. Playing a rhythm pattern is easy as making a selection and pressing play. A total of 60 diverse rhythm patterns and 120 fills are ready to accompany you. Easy, simple and compact, the KR mini can play its role anywhere.
    A dedicated knob helps you select the musical genres you want quickly. Six variations and two fills are available within each of the genres. KR mini covers a wide range of genres including 8-beat, 16-beat, rock and pop. In addition, three are eight song patterns containing drum parts that are several measures in length to jam along with.
    Chain Rhythm Patterns To Create Original Rhythm Songs
    KR Mini's Chain function lets you easily arrange patterns to create complete songs. Jump from one pattern to another, add fill-ins, and specify the loop end location as well as the number of playback repetitions with ease.
    Use The Pads To Play The Drums, Ideal For Finger Drumming
    At the push of a button, the 16 pads double up as drum playable drum pads. All of the sounds of the KR mini are available in this mode, and you can finger drum on a whim. The pads are velocity sensitive letting you create even more dynamic drum phrases.
    Although finger drumming has typically been done using a PC-based system with samplers and MIDI controllers, the compact KR mini, with its built-in speaker and battery-powered operation means that now you can enjoy performing on the street, outdoors, or anywhere you may be inspired.
    Pedal Switch And Headphone/Speaker Output For Expansion
    Two pedal inputs you are available to allow use of optional footswitches, allowing you to use your foot to start/stop the rhythm or to control fill-ins. In a performance environment, you'll be able to smoothly control the KR mini while continuously playing your instrument. The KR mini also has a headphone/speaker output, so you can connect it to your PA system. Use it with a guitar amp or compact multi-channel PA to create a simple setup for live performance.
    Rhythm Patterns (6 patterns for each genre Not including songs):
    8Beat, 16Beat, Rock, Metal, Pop, R & B, Jazz, Latin, Dance, User, Songs/Chain End
    Serial number: 012292

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